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Obama’s Waterloo

By July 24, 2009No Comments
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First Sotomayor, Now Disgraceful Attack on Police

Obama's True Radical Leftist, Socialist and Reverse Racist Colors Are Exposed

Obama's Polls Dropping Like Lead Balloon- Now Among Lowest Rated Presidents in Modern History

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee
Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts”

I'm sorry to say it but “I told you so.” Obama is a radical socialist, with a chip on his shoulder. And finally America is taking notice. His true colors are showing and his polls are dropping like a lead balloon. Later today a Rasmussen Poll will be released showing that after only 6 short months, Obama's glow is gone. His approval ratings are plummeting into negative territory. Remarkably, someone with such strong support and goodwill from the American people only weeks ago, has lost that support almost overnight. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster of the 2008 election, will show that Obama's support is actually below 50% for the first time. Among independents, his support is a remarkably low 37%. Obama is rapidly becoming the most unpopular President in recent history. His poll numbers are already slightly lower than George W. Bush at the same point in his Presidency (about 6 months in), and those same ratings place him 10th in popularity out of the last 12 U.S. Presidents (and quite possibly headed for last place).

Why is this happening? First and foremost Obama over-reached. His ambitious, radical pro union, big spending, big tax agenda has finally caught up with his image. Some liberals might actually understand that. But what liberals don't understand is the powerful negative effect that his appointment of Sonia Sotomayor (and her reverse racist beliefs) had on Obama's image. I'll discuss that in a moment. But the real straw that broke the camel's back was Obama's comments about the police. In an unheard of example of audacity, a President of the United States weighed in on a local confrontation between a white police officer and a black Harvard professor (who happens to be Obama's buddy). Without knowing of the details of the case, our President called the actions of a courageous police officer doing his job and risking his life “dumb” and defended a buddy who cursed out the police officer. The real radical leftist has appeared and it is shocking to America, especially white America, who gave Obama the benefit of the doubt that he was in fact a nice, moderate, “uniter, not divider” who had finally put race aside. But in Obama's radical world, race is never put aside.

I wrote commentaries well before the election warning America that we were dealing with a radical leftist with Socialist views. He entered the Presidential race ranked the most extreme liberal of any of our 100 U.S. Senators, yet claimed to be a moderate and “uniter, not divider.” I knew better. You see I attended Columbia University with Obama. Same class, same major (political science, pre-law), same year of graduation (1983). And what I witnessed at Columbia was classmates so extreme in their radical left-wing views as to make me physically sick. I saw classmates who literally hated America, hated capitalism, and rooted for the death of a conservative President. I sat in political science class in 1981 in stunned disbelief as my classmates cheered, high-fived and celebrated like it was New Years upon hearing the news that President Reagan had been assassinated (that was the first erroneous report we heard- that he was dead).

I debated my classmates for 4 long years about capitalism and free markets, and heard their views up close and personal. They weren't moderate Democrats simply looking to protect the lower classes. They were radical Marxists and Socialists looking to destroy capitalism, tax and unionize businesses to death, and greatly expand government and the welfare state in order to hand power to “the disadvantaged.” I met classmates- both white and black- who seemed to openly despise and resent white people (and especially wealthy white people). And who openly hated policemen and called them “pigs.” This is the world that Obama hails from. It is a world view that disgusted me then, and now more than ever.

Most of my Ivy League classmates wound up going into any one of 3 professions- media/journalism, education and law. Is it no wonder our country is so screwed up? These are today the biased, radical, leftist-bordering-on-Socialist journalists who openly shower Obama with adulation, and denigrate and slander any political leader with a conservative or capitalist point of view. These are today the educators who brainwash our children from a pro big government, pro tax, pro-union, pro affirmative action point of view. And most importantly, these are the lawyers who spend their lives suing businesses (thereby killing jobs) and running up the cost of health care with frivolous lawsuits. One of the primary reasons that health care is so expensive is because of lawyers (like Obama and wife Michelle). What we desperately need to do to save healthcare and lower costs is to implement tort reform, not universal health care run by government. But you'll notice Obama doesn't mention that. Why? Because he's a lawyer. Like so many politicians from the left, he protects lawyers and refuses to fight for tort reform, instead fraudulently blaming others for the health care crisis that in so many ways his profession has contributed to.

Obama's first 6 months in office are now showing his true radical colors. He is not like the rest of us. He is not a moderate. He is not a uniter. His smile and calm demeanor hides a radical viewpoint. He is out to help only one group- Democratic voters. Obama's tunnel vision is about helping the poor, disadvantaged, minorities, union members, and government employees. And of course anyone who represents them- lawyers, union bosses, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists. In Obama's radical leftist view the rest of us can go to hell.

Obama talks nonstop about “sacrifice.” Yet he hasn't asked anyone of the key groups of his voting bloc to sacrifice a thing. His entire bloated spending spree is about hiring millions of new federal government employees and handing trillions of dollars to the states so that they can save the jobs (and raises) of state and local government employees. And of course handing out welfare checks that he calls “tax cuts” to people who never paid income taxes in the first place.

Americans- especially white Americans- were THRILLED to elect a black President to once and for all prove that racism is dead. To show the world that America is the greatest nation in the world. To show that the color of a person's skin is no longer a factor in success. But what they didn't understand is how much Obama himself does not believe in those principles. It didn't take long for Obama to show his true colors. He came out with guns blazing with his radical Socialist ideas- the biggest government spending programs in history; gigantic new taxes that threaten to wipe out the upper middle class and small business owners (coincidently, the two groups that make all the contributions to Republican, Conservative and Libertarian causes); radical and risky trillion dollar ideas like Cap and Trade and Universal Healthcare in the middle of a depression; Card Check- a law designed to unionize every large (and possibly small) business in the country, and turn our entire U.S. economy into one big Detroit, Michigan; apologizing and genuflecting to every radical, terrorist and anti-American murderer in the world; and appointing a Supreme Court nominee who thinks a Latina women can make better decisions as a judge than a white male…and backs up that reverse racist view by throwing out the test results of hard-working, heroic white firefighters who passed an exam for promotion- simply because they were white. (Author's Note: I don't personally believe there is such a thing as "reverse racism." You are either a racist or not).

Sometimes winning is not a victory. In this case, I believe that the Sotomayor nomination was deadly for Obama's image among the same moderate, independent and even conservative voters who took a chance and voted for Obama to end the issue of race forever. They didn't take that chance, and give Obama the benefit of the doubt, so he could smash them in the face with a reverse racist, affirmative action queen. He may have won Sotomayor the lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, but he lost his benefit of the doubt with middle class and blue-collar white voters.

But next came Obama's Waterloo- his decision to weigh in on the police confrontation in Cambridge during a nationally-televised press conference. On a personal note, I'm a white male. Yet in my lifetime I've had guns pulled on me three times by police. Were those incidents frightening? Of course. Was I shaken? Of course. But in all 3 cases, the police were correctly doing their job. And of course, being white, I could not blame the incidents on the color of my skin. Did it ever occur to President Obama or that Harvard professor that any homeowner- white or black- would have experienced the same thing in a similar situation.

Guns weren't drawn on me (by police) because I'm white- they were drawn on me because police were simply trying to defend property or protect society. They didn't care about the color of my skin. They were simply doing their job. The same thing appears to be true in the controversial incident in Cambridge. Was a gun pulled on Obama's friend because he was black? Or because he appeared to be a burglar breaking into a home? Obama wasn't there and should not have weighed in. That was a big mistake. But more importantly, when a policeman shows up at a home because a neighbor reports witnessing a break-in, that policeman's life is in danger. Any hesitation could result in his death. He may never see his wife or children again. His job is to pull his gun and ask questions- no matter the color of the skin or the importance of the person he is confronting. That Harvard professor should understand that it was his property that this policeman was protecting. It was his neighborhood and neighbors that this policeman was protecting.

That professor should have been smart enough to show respect to a police officer with a gun drawn asking questions. That professor's only response should have been to treat that officer politely and do exactly as he was asked. He should have shown his I.D. and politely and nicely defused the explosive situation. When a policeman's life is in potential danger, he has every right to treat the situation seriously. He has every reason to question the intruder and to not assume that he is the law-abiding homeowner. Those kind of assumptions get a policeman killed. Without being there to see the actual events as they unfolded, a U.S. President has only one reasonable choice- shut up and stay out of the controversy.

Obama made a big mistake. He just couldn't help himself- the real Obama (the radical leftist who doesn't support the police) came out. I believe this minor controversy, when combined with the negative impact of the Sotomayor nomination, may eventually be seen as the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for the political image of Barack Obama. From this point on, the bloom is off the rose, and the benefit of the doubt is off Obama. The moderate uniter is now rightfully seen by middle America as the radical Socialist divider.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne's views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at: