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Obama’s Sequestration Scam

By February 24, 2013No Comments
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As published at on 2/23/13

By Wayne Allyn Root

The economy is in freefall. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Walmart calls their sales “a total disaster.”

But don’t panic. Our fearless leader Obama is just back from a “Swing State”…you know, the kind of place where you work on your golf swing. He was consulting on the economy with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. While Michelle was playing in Aspen. You wouldn’t accept this storyline if it was a fictional movie script. Too unrealistic.

This country under Obama is becoming one big scam. A Ponzi scheme. Obama is the guy running the Ponzi, playing the role of Bernie Madoff. But the mainstream media is his accomplice.

Exhibit A is the so-called Sequestration. It was the Obama administration that gave us the sequestration. Even Bob Woodward the famous investigative journalist says, “The Sequester was Obama’s idea.”

Now Obama gets back from his tough golf weekend with Tiger and claims sequestration is the end of the world. Funny, Obama never mentioned…it was his idea. He never mentioned that the specific Obama lackey who created the idea was Jack Lew- who Obama has just nominated to become Treasury Secretary.

That’s right- sequestration is such a bad idea, causing such an economic crisis, that Obama is rewarding the guy who thought it up by putting him in charge of the entire U.S. economy. Where are the screaming headlines in the mainstream media pointing out that Obama is the world’s biggest hypocrite?

To make this Saturday Night Live skit even funnier, Obama the man of the working people, the man of the middle class, first picked a tax cheat, Tim Geithner, as his first term Treasury Secretary. Then for his second term, he picked Jack Lew- who invests his money in a Cayman Islands fund housed in the building that Obama has called “the greatest tax scam in the world.”

With guys like that in charge of the economy and our tax system, it sure sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Obama also claimed that the sequestration cuts will cause job losses among policeman, firemen and teachers. Why isn’t the media pointing out that policemen, firemen and teachers are hired on the local and state level. Oops, Obama is caught in another fabrication.

And by the way…aren’t there other government employees besides policemen, firemen, and teachers? Shouldn’t the media point out to only bring up those three classes of employees is complete deception- like a conman selling his con?

Did you know the average government janitor is paid $600,000 more over his lifetime than a janitor working in the private sector?

Why doesn’t Obama mention janitors when we talk about cutting government spending? Because the image of a government janitor or meat inspector would not bring tears to voters’ eyes. It wouldn’t sell his Ponzi scheme. The media says nothing.

Why doesn’t the media point out that Obama spent us into bankruptcy by adding almost $6 trillion to the national debt in only four years. If anyone loses their jobs, it’s not because of the miniscule $85 billion sequestration. That’s a spit in the ocean. It’s because of the $6 trillion of reckless spending over the past 4 years. Obama is the one to blame for people losing their jobs. Why doesn’t the media point that out? Their silence makes them accomplices in the Ponzi scheme.

Why aren’t they pointing out that the economy is in shambles, gas prices have risen 32 days in a row, WalMart executives are calling sales to start the year “a total disaster”…that’s a quote… while President Obama, a Democrat who supposedly cares about poor people and working-class people…golfs with Tiger Woods in Florida, works on his golf swing with Butch Harmon, and parties at billion dollar resorts on Valentines weekend…with the world’s most notorious womanizer…with the press denied access…with his wife on a separate vacation in Aspen. Do you think the media would be silent about all this if the Presidential couple partying in Florida and Aspen were Ronald and Nancy Reagan?

The reality is we have an economic crisis, bordering on a total collapse, because of specific Obama policies. He spends too much. He taxes too much. He wastes our money on green energy. It isn’t working. The chickens are coming home to roost. The first quarter is “a total disaster” because Obama raised income taxes on the rich and payroll taxes on the middle class. When you tax people they have less money to spend.

At the same time, everyone is getting hit with rocketing gas prices, while Obama wastes your money on solar energy scams…on wind energy scams…on electric cars that no one wants to buy… on fraudulent biofuel standards that are impossible to obtain. Obama declares millions of acres of oil-rich lands off-limits to drilling. His EPA policies drive coal out of business. And we wonder why gas and energy prices are skyrocketing?

The economy is in meltdown because of Obama’s policies. In response, he spends his weekends consulting with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. Yet the media says nothing. Just another day in Obamageddon.

The sequestration isn’t the threat folks. The greatest threat to the future of America is Obama.


Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and conservative media commentator. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. Wayne’s latest book is out on April 15, 2013: “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide: Secrets to Protecting Your Family, Your Finances, and Your Freedom. It is available at Amazon at: Wayne’s web site is: