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Obama’s White Voter Gap

By September 28, 2012No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root

Did you see the latest Politico poll? Mitt Romney has a 14 point lead among middle class voters.

This poll points to a problem rarely ever mentioned in the media. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have a big problem, as wide as the Grand Canyon. The biased leftist media (who is openly rooting for Obama) constantly trumpets Mitt Romney’s problems with black, Latino, and female voters- ad nauseam. But what about Obama’s lack of support among white voters? It is historically large and it is fueling Romney’s big lead among the middle class. See the latest Rasmussen poll that shows Romney with a 20 point lead among white voters:

Or what about Obama’s problems in the latest Politico poll with males (Romney is up 6), white women (Romney is up 9), married voters (Romney is up 14) and older Americans (Romney is up 7). Other polls show big problems for Obama with veterans, religious, middle class, and independent voters. Obama’s gaps with those groups are all as bad as any voter gap that Romney suffers. But the media never happens to mention them. Strange.

It seems like a hundred times a day we hear, or see, or read media reports about “Romney’s problem” with black voters, Latino voters, and female voters- particularly single women. The media loves the term “Romney’s female voter gap.”

The media also loves to trumpet polls showing Obama has the lead. Funny how they don’t mention that Rasmussen and Gallop, the two polls regarded as the most accurate by many experts, both show a dead even race. Ronald Reagan was way down to Jimmy Carter at this same time in 1980, yet Reagan won by a historic landslide. Some might conclude that Obama is in big trouble.

The media also never mentions that all the other polls are skewed heavily towards Democratic voters (based on the 2008 turnout). Because of the “enthusiasm factor” among conservatives, I believe that the turnout in 2012 will look much more like the GOP Congressional landslide of 2010 (led by the Tea Party turnout), than the Obama Presidential victory in 2008.

So in light of all this, where are the articles and commentaries about “Obama’s big problems?” Doesn’t anyone in the media notice the only white male voters in the country that the Democrat Party can attract nowadays are union members (and no longer all of them) and media employees (they get 100% of those). If the purpose of the media is to report “fair and balanced’” why are they ignoring such a big story? You might call it “the elephant in the room.”

So, why does the media talk nonstop about Romney’s female and minority gaps, but not even mention Obama’s large white, independent, middle class, married, and male gaps? Why does the media seem to report only on the polls that show the worst results for Romney?

While many of these badly Democrat-skewed polls show Obama leading in battleground states, they forget to mention that Romney is either ahead or dead even in several states that Obama won in 2008- North Carolina, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin. In deep blue Connecticut, the GOP is now leading for U.S. Senate. That can’t bode well for Obama. Yet the mainstream media paints a picture of the Romney campaign in panic. This is fraud being perpetrated by the media on the American public.

So let me ask a few simple questions. If Romney, the challenger, is even with a sitting President, shouldn’t the media be probing what’s going wrong for Obama? Shouldn’t they be reporting that the Obama campaign is panicking? It seems that Obama’s the one who now needs hope and change.

Shouldn’t a fair and balanced media be asking, “Why has the Democratic Party become such a pariah with white voters?” Obama got a very large percentage of white voters in 2008, so it’s obviously not racism.

Or “If Obama won a majority of independents and the middle class in 2008, why has there been such a big turnaround in 2012? Could it be Obama’s policies at fault, and not his skin color?

And how about this one, “Why do polls show that 99% of black voters support Obama?”

This question is important because black unemployment and poverty numbers are the worst in decades under this President. So why would just about 100% of black voters support him? No politician in history has ever seen unanimous support from one group before. I think it’s an obvious topic to explore, if the media wasn’t scared to death at being called racists for merely asking the question.

One last question. Why has the media chosen to ignore Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke publicly stating a month ago that the unemployment numbers are “grave”? For the Fed, that’s a deeply disturbing word. They never use frightening words in public- for fear of exciting or panicking the masses. When they start using strong words like “grave” to describe the state of unemployment, that is a sign that the Fed is in full-scale panic mode.

Shouldn’t the media be tying the Fed Chief’s “grave” economic fears to Obama’s leadership as CEO of the U.S. economy? Shouldn’t the media be questioning loudly if it’s possible to be re-elected with such a poor economic record? They would certainly be doing it with gusto — blaring headlines — if Reagan, Bush, or Romney were President.

Funny how the media completely ignores Obama’s big problems with so many crucial voting groups. And his failure with that little thing called…the economy. A total media blackout. No one in the mainstream media even thinks to address Obama’s grave problems. Especially Obama’s glaring “white voter gap.” That’s a hot story that’s just waiting to be written.

Media bias to this extent is expected in Russia, Venezuela, or Iran. But American voters deserve better.

Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and Tea Party Libertarian Republican. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: