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By Wayne Allyn Root

What a week! We just concluded Easter Week- the holiest week in the Christian faith- to celebrate the day that Jesus Christ arose from the dead.

Or as Democrats call it- “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

I’ll get to that story later, but first I have to educate you on someone who rose to new heights of fame, wealth and political popularity this week- President Donald J. Trump.

With everything happening around a major American holiday and a busy news week you may not have even noticed.

But this past Easter week was perhaps the greatest week for anyone in the history of U.S. presidential politics. President Trump rose to new heights.

No, I’m not saying Trump is God. I’m not comparing him to Jesus Christ. Trump is, as I keep saying, “the Chosen One.” But what I mean by that phrase is simply that Trump has been chosen by God to lead the battle of good vs evil in America – the greatest nation in world history ever blessed by God.

God works in mysterious ways- and it’s clear he has chosen Trump to expose the Deep State traitors…to take down the forces of evil trying to intentionally destroy this great country… and to be the ultimate disrupter to make America Great again.

And the result of “being chosen by God” is what I call “the Trump Miracle.” It’s happening all around us. Here are a few Trump miracles during Easter week…

The week began with dark storm clouds over Trump. Every liberal and fake news media member in America thought Trump would be financially destroyed last Monday. Trump was out of time and choices. He’d either have several of his valuable properties seized by the state of New York, or perhaps be forced to declare bankruptcy to protect his real estate empire. One way or another, Trump was going to be either left for dead- politically and financially- or embarrassed like no one in history.

And then a judge intervened at the last possible moment to dramatically lower the bond requirements. Unlike any other political figure in world history, Trump says he has $175 million to put up to address the bond requirements. Trump pulled a rabbit out of a hat like David Copperfield.

Another one of those “Trump miracles.”

But then something even more amazing happened. Trump’s stock deal for TruthSocial, his social media company, was approved by the SEC. Overnight Trump gained about $4 billion in new net worth.

Does that qualify as a “miracle?” Let me ask you, has any politician, in any country, ever made $4 billion in a week? Nope. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the world.

Another “Trump Miracle.”

Begrudgingly, liberal Trump-hater Bloomberg had to add Trump for the very first time to Bloomberg’s list of the 500 wealthiest billionaires on the planet.

Another miracle.

Trump suddenly jumped over his evil nemesis George Soros. That’s right. You won’t hear this on the mainstream media, but conservative billionaire Trump is now richer than Marxist billionaire Soros.

Another miracle.

Trump’s company (ticker symbol DJT- how cool is that?) now has a market value of about $8 billion- higher than Trump’s evil nemesis, the world-famous and liberal-beloved New York Times.

Another miracle.

Then the best news of the entire amazing, magical, magnificent week- RFJ Jr. picked his Vice Presidential running mate. It was the most disastrous choice since George McGovern picked a mental patient as his running mate.

Because RFK Jr. picked Nicole Shanahan, a beautiful, wealthy, 38-year-old divorcee who funds ultra-left “defund the police,” social justice, and extreme environmental causes. She wants social workers instead of cops. She gave 6-figure donations to the Marxist DA who ruined both San Francisco and Los Angeles by letting every criminal out with “no bail.” These are the values she learned at her yoga retreats.

Thank you RFK for making the worst and most bizarre VP pick in modern history. At least now we know which organ RFK Jr. thinks with.

Not one GOP voter, or independent in America will even think of voting for RFK and his “Sugar Momma.” He will only draw votes away from Biden (aka “Captain Dementia”) or his emergency replacement.

Another miracle.

It was the greatest week in history for Trump after all of that. But then Biden (and his boss Obama) gave Trump two more miracles. Completely unforced errors of monumental proportions.

First, Trump and Biden appeared in New York on the same day. Trump attended the wake of a hero police officer who was murdered by a 21-time criminal who was walking around as a free man because of liberal policies. The officer leaves behind a young wife and 1 year old baby boy. Trump attended the wake…prayed with the widow…and donated to the family’s charity.

Meanwhile across town, Biden was attending a $100,000 per donor fundraiser to raise $25 million for his campaign. It never occurred to Biden or his staff to find an hour to attend the wake of the dead officer? Nor to even make a statement of sorrow?

This was one of the worst optics in the history of politics.

And finally, just when you thought the week couldn’t get any better for Trump, Biden replaced Easter with the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Then he doubled down. Then Kamala tripled down. Biden becomes the first politician in the history of America to offend and violate every Christian voter in the country on their holiest holiday.

Folks, these are gifts straight from God.

So, trust me on this one. Jesus Christ rose on Easter week. But this year, so did President Donald J. Trump. This was a week filled with Trump miracles. And Trump has now risen to new heights of fame, wealth, political strength and popularity.

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