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Political Pundit and Las Vegas Oddsmaker Makes A.G. Eric Holder Prediction

By June 20, 2012No Comments
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Wayne Allyn Root is one of the leading prognosticators in the country. His record on political predictions is unmatched. Just a month ago he predicted a 7 to 10 point win in Wisconsin for Governor Scott Walker. That was the exact outcome. Just over a week ago, Wayne predicted Obama would lose the Presidential race this November in a landslide. That video commentary has been viewed by almost 70,000 people in about a week. Here is Wayne’s prediction on Attorney General Eric Holder:

Attorney General Eric Holder is going to soon be out of a job. Forget the contempt hearings in Congress. It’s the opinion of the public that really matters to a cold-hearted, cut-throat politician like President Obama. Lifelong best friend or not, Eric Holder has become far too big of a political liability for Obama. His days are numbered. As they’ve said in D.C. for a century, “If you want a friend in Washington DC, get a dog.”

Obama will cut Attorney General Holder loose as soon as possible, and that means any day now. Obama can’t afford to have Holder hanging over his head during the final stretch of the election campaign. My prediction is that during a summer Friday…after the stock market has closed for the day…after the national media has left the office…after 95% of all Americans have left home for a long summer weekend at the beach…when no one is focused on politics…the announcement will be made. Eric Holder will resign and go quietly into the night, undoubtedly hooked up with a 7-figure D.C. law firm partnership already arranged.

It is all fait de complet. This mafia-style political “whacking” will all happen on a summer Friday after the end of the day- when few Americans will notice over a vacation weekend. It will be out of the way long before Labor Day…freeing the Holder millstone from around Obama’s neck during the all-important last nine weeks of Fall Presidential campaigning.

Holder knows it, Obama knows it, the entire Democratic establishment knows it, the Beltway media knows it. All that is left to be answered now is…what weekend is chosen to make the least noise and what law firm will agree to pay 7-figures to Holder as a favor to the President.

That’s the way Washington works. You can bet on it!