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Polls Prove That Independents Will Shine in 2012

By May 26, 2009No Comments
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Obama’s Radical Leftist Union Agenda Not Winning Converts

America is Still a Center Right Nation

But GOP Loses Ground- More Voters See Themselves as Independents Than Ever Before

Root Sees Opening for Libertarian Candidates

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

A new detailed political and “American values” poll by Pew Research Center should give both Democrats and Republicans sleepless nights. Despite the election of a charismatic newcomer as President, very little has changed since the election- except for the fact that more Americans than ever call themselves independents. This detailed 160 page political poll gives Libertarians (like me) reasons to cheer, and look forward to 2012.

It’s no wonder that neither major party is winning converts. On one hand we have Obama’s radical leftist pro-union agenda turning off millions of right wing, center right, and moderate Americans- the majority of voters. Obama’s agenda is to ask everyone in America to sacrifice except union members- employees of auto unions, government employee unions, and teacher unions are given cost of living raises, step-up raises, more job security, bigger pensions, and in the case of the auto unions, unexpected gifts wrapped in pretty bows- majority ownership of entire car companies! How wonderful.

While millions of us in the private sector lose our jobs and businesses, Obama thinks the solution to our economic crisis is to hire millions of new government union employees- and give them raises. Obama agenda includes giving away over $125 Billion of taxpayer money to states to make sure that government employees union members don’t get laid off- and get their raises. Obama has even gone so far as to demand that the state of California scrap planned layoffs and cuts in salaries of government employees, or he threatens to cancel billions of dollars in government bailout money earmarked for the state. If Obama was a businessman, his actions would be classified as extortion.

It’s taken me a long time, but I think I’ve finally figured out why Obama has such a radical pro-union agenda. He’s got the record of his hero Abraham Lincoln confused. He must think that when Lincoln “saved the union,” he meant the auto union, teachers union and government employees union. So much for a moderate political agenda to win over center-right and independent voters.

Then on the other side of the aisle, we have the incompetent, pathetic, and hypocritical GOP. They wonder why they have zero respect or credibility from voters. Could it be because Republicans rant and rave about the irresponsible and unsustainable spending of Obama, but provide no solutions of their own? Could it be because most Republicans voted for the same bailout as Obama (with Bush in charge)? Could it be because the Big 3 automakers bailout began under Bush? Could it be because whenever Republicans are in charge, they spend recklessly and irresponsibly- just like Democrats.

The results according to Pew Research are startling.

First despite Obama’s personal popularity, there has been no leftward shift by voters on issues like the role of government. Nor has there been a voter I.D. shift to the Democratic Party. While the ranks of GOP voters is the lowest since Watergate, these ex-Republicans have not moved to the party of Obama. The number of voters calling themselves independents is the highest in modern political history.

These independents- like most Libertarians- tend to be conservative on economic issues. They are pro-business, pro-free markets and support capitalism. A majority of Americans still believe that “government regulation does more harm than good.” A startling 76% of Americans report that “the strength of this country today is mostly based on the success of American business.”

Good news for my Libertarian Party comes in this impressive independent surge. A remarkable 36% of Americans today describe themselves as independents, the highest total since Ross Perot’s candidacy in 1992. Those independents moved RIGHT over the past two years on economic issues, even as Obama was elected President promising to “redistribute the wealth.” Independents skewer rightward on issues such as the size of government, expansion of entitlements, and in opposition to affirmative action. These are all Libertarian issues. Interestingly on the social side, these same independents skewer leftward on issues such as religion and gay rights. This again plays right into the hands of Libertarian candidates. And on the issue of foreign policy and national security, while voters are not fans of the Iraq war, a majority still believes in “peace through military strength”- again a moderate Libertarian opinion.

Even more importantly, for a candidate like me who identifies himself as conservative Libertarian, conservative independents outnumber liberal independents by 2 to 1. Overall this is still a very much center right nation with American voters identifying as conservative versus liberal by a count of 37% to 19%. This is all good news for a Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2012.

All things considered, any independent third party, but more specifically the Libertarian Party, should be excited about their prospects as more and more voters realize that Republicans and Democrats are big and bigger, dumb and dumber.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book will be released by John Wiley & Sons this July entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” The book is available for pre-sale at For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at: