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By Wayne Allyn Root

A new song and music video is out today, poised to become the theme song for the legend and G.O.A.T. known as President Donald J. Trump.

The controversial new song and music video declares President Trump as “the Chosen One.”

The song and video were written and produced by Platinum-selling country music star Natasha Owens, and her songwriting partner Grammy-nominated Ian Eskelin.

But here’s where it gets interesting…

The song was inspired and co-written by yours truly, TV/Radio host Wayne Allyn Root.

The backstory is a “Only in America” story. 

In July 2019, I was the primetime TV host on Newsmax TV and took a live call on the air. The caller said, “Wayne, we love you and we know you are Jewish. Would you explain why Jews are so liberal and why they seem to dislike President Trump?”

Off the top of my head, I responded, “You know I love and appreciate President Trump. He is the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time). Look what he has done for Israel and the Jewish people. Trump is like the King of the Jews and the Chosen One.”

The next morning, Trump tweeted out three times his thanks to me and included the video of my remarks in his tweets. Then Trump walked outside the White House and in front of The White House Press Corp, looked towards the heavens and said, “I am the Chosen One.”

Well, from that moment on, a media firestorm exploded across the globe attacking and demonizing President Donald J. Trump and Wayne Allyn Root.

Of course, par for the course, no one in the media ever bothered to ask me about the remarks. I would have told them, they were made off the top of my head, with no script, or teleprompter. They were meant to be colorful, and a little bit funny and sarcastic. They were taken completely out of context and blown up out of proportion.

But off we went! Stories attacking President Trump and Wayne Allyn Root (many newspapers incorrectly identified me as a Christian televangelist) appeared in newspapers, commentaries, editorials and TV news headlines around the world.

Fast forward to today. 

After all Trump has been through, after all the persecution, witch-hunts, impeachments, indictments and now the unjust conviction in New York, I am convinced Trump really is “the Chosen One.”

He isn’t a God, he is human. Although I believe “super-human” is the best way to describe Trump. But I believe it’s clear now that Trump has been chosen by God to be his warrior here on earth.

God understands that only Trump is uniquely qualified to take on the Deep State, DC Swamp and communist/globalist cabal trying desperately to destroy this great country and enslave the American people.

There are precedents. God has chosen other great men to be his vessels and warriors to lead the battle on earth, at the perfect time and perfect place.

Jesus Christ was demonized, condemned and found guilty at trial.

Moses was chosen by God to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt and out of bondage. Along the way, Moses was demonized, insulted, challenged and threatened again and again by his own people.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for decades before becoming the President of South Africa. Although I despised Mandela’s ultra left politics, Mandela “the man” rose above politics, ended the scourge of apartheid, became a legend, and won over the world.

Mandela went from convict to President, just as Trump is about to do.

I believe President Trump has been chosen by God to fight for America, and for personal and religious freedom, and free speech, and opportunity and prosperity for Americans.

Trump has been proven the only man with the skills and battle-tested toughness to save America, make America great again, and win the battle against the evil, powerful Deep State.

And yes, I believe Trump has also been chosen to protect Israel and the Jewish people.

Trump is literally “chosen” because he is the only man in history who could withstand the fire, persecution, impeachments, indictments and even now the New York trial conviction, and could come out stronger.

He is not a God, but he is a God-inspired warrior who will go down in history as the G.O.A.T. (the greatest president of all-time).

So, I went to Natasha Owens, who has the music industry credentials (Platinum-selling music artist), as well as MAGA credentials (she sang the Platinum-selling hit “Trump Won- and You Know it”), and the voice of an angel.

I suggested we collaborate on a song and video titled, “The Chosen One.” Next Natasha brought in her brilliant songwriting partner Ian Eskelin (Grammy-nominated songwriter).

The song and video came out today, after debuting on my Real America’s Voice TV show, “The ROOT Reaction” last night. They say, “timing is everything in life.”

What perfect timing to lift the spirits of President Trump and the whole MAGA world.

We hope this song and video become the theme song of the Trump campaign and MAGA movement from now to November 5th as we elect President Donald J. Trump as the 47th president of the United States.

We wrote these words to inspire our MAGA mission to save America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, secure the border, make America great again, and dismantle the evil Deep State once and for all.

We hope you enjoy the song and video, “The Chosen One.”

You can watch here:

And here is the press release explaining this unique collaboration:

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