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By Wayne Allyn Root

I was blessed and honored to once again be personally chosen by President Trump to be opening speaker for his Las Vegas rally in front of 10,000 to 15,000 enthusiastic Trump supporters. They showed up in intense 103 degree heat and midday sunshine.

Proving once again, Trump’s voters would walk on hot coals for him.

I was thrilled to hear Trump’s latest idea- he pledged, once back in the White House, to eliminate taxes on tips for service employees. Much of the workforce of Las Vegas lives on tips- everyone from waiters, waitresses, busboys, hostesses, cocktail gals, bartenders, doormen, maids, car valets, and concierges.

Trump just clinched victory in Nevada with that pledge!

He also showed where his focus is 24/7- with the hardworking, taxpaying middle class of America. People with jobs, who pay into the system. People who break their backs to earn a living.

As opposed to Biden (and his boss Obama) and the Democrat Party who only care about foreign invaders, illegal aliens, felons, and people living on welfare and 100 other government checks.

Trump is for helping “the makers.” Democrats are for ripping off the makers, to help “the takers.”

But Trump’s pledge isn’t just about supercharging the vote in Nevada. There are millions of service employees all over America. Let’s just look at restaurants alone. There are just under 750,000 restaurants in the USA. They employ 9.38 million workers.

That doesn’t include bars, nightclubs, country clubs, golf clubs, beach clubs, yes even strip clubs. All these workers live on tips. Add in all these other workers (outside of restaurants) who live on tips across America and I’m guessing there at 15 to 20 million of these workers who live on tips.

That’s 15 to 20 million potential voters.

That’s enough to win the upcoming election by a landslide- “IF.”

And it’s a big “if.” If they know about Trump’s pledge. But the liberal, biased media won’t tell them.

I already know the media will blackout Trump’s latest pledge. Because here in Vegas I saw and read dozens of stories in the newspapers and on the TV news about Trump’s Las Vegas rally. The coverage was nonstop. And we have the highest percentage of service workers of any city in America, maybe the world. And still the media said nothing. Crickets.

I didn’t hear anyone in the Vegas media mention Trump’s pledge to eliminate taxes on tips. If it was mentioned, they sure didn’t make a big deal of it.

You can bet there will be a media blackout across the country about Trump’s pledge from now through Election Day. Because the fake news media hates Trump. If they blacked out Hunter Biden’s laptop, they’ll certainly blackout this Trump pledge.

I can solve this problem.

I have an easy, simple, cost-free way to make sure every service employee in America knows a vote for President Trump is a vote to dramatically increase their take home pay. Who needs the stinkin’ media? “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” We can do it ourselves!

“The Trump Army.”

Spread the word. Trump had just under 75 million votes in 2020. I’m betting by now there are 90+ million Trump supporters/voters. Maybe even 100 million. Millions of voters have switched over to Trump since 2020- after seeing what a disaster Biden has been for the country, economy, inflation, border, crime, and world affairs. But at a minimum Trump has well over 80 million votes now.

That’s one heck of a large PR firm to get the word out!

From this day forward, I’m asking every Trump supporter/voter to write next to the tip on their bill, or credit card receipt, every time you leave any restaurant, bar, nightclub, country club, hotel, casino, etc…

“Trump will eliminate taxes on your tips. Be sure to vote for Trump!” 

Write that on the bill, or credit card receipt next to your tip, or at the top of the receipt. Or if you’re leaving a cash tip, grab the waiter’s hand, or the bartender’s hand, or the taxi driver’s hand, or the pizza delivery guy’s hand, and as you hand him or her the cash tip, say LOUDLY AND STRONGLY…

“Trump will eliminate taxes on your tips. Be sure to vote for Trump!”

You might also add, “A vote for Trump is a vote to increase your take home pay.”

If 80 to 100 million of us write, or say that every time we leave a tip for anyone, anywhere, and do it again and again, all these service employees and independent contractors will hear this message hundreds of times each from now through Election Day.

Mission accomplished: The vast majority of service employees in America will vote for Trump.

Because they’ll get the message loud and clear: “A vote for Trump is a vote to dramatically increase your take home pay.” Who would be dumb enough, or self-destructive enough to vote against that?

And just like that, we’ve added the vast majority of 15 to 20 million votes to Trump’s total on Election Day.

Trump doesn’t just win Nevada with this pledge, he wins a landslide everywhere in America.

As long as “The Trump Army” takes personal responsibility to get the message out!

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