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By Wayne Allyn Root

There is no bigger and stronger supporter of President Trump in this country than yours truly, Wayne Allyn Root. I’ve been with DJT from before his first day in politics, and I’ll stand with him until the last day.

I have stood behind Trump, MAGA and America First through thick and thin. And obviously, MAGA voters can see that. In only a few short years, I’ve gone from CEO, businessman and Las Vegas oddsmaker, to the host of three conservative TV shows, as well as six years in a row on the TALKERS Heavy Hundred list, ranked as one of the most popular and influential nationally-syndicated conservative radio hosts in America.

I bleed MAGA red, white and blue. 

And my roots (excuse the pun) are in Nevada. I understand Nevada GOP politics like no one else on the national level. All of my TV and radio shows are based in Las Vegas. No other national conservative media personality can say that.

So here is where I stand on the US Senate race in Nevada…

President Trump’s endorsement of Captain Sam Brown in Nevada’s GOP Senate primary has left many in the MAGA base upset, bewildered and disheartened. I don’t know President Trump’s reasons, but I think he got this one wrong. He’s human. It’s okay. We still love and appreciate you, President Trump. We just disagree on this one.

Dr. Jeff Gunter is the true MAGA and America First candidate, and our movement should rally behind him to ensure victory.

I understand national politics are based on “reality.” Often MAGA candidates have no money, or their resume is weak. And that results in President Trump endorsing the more “realistic” candidate, with big money backing, who gives the GOP the better chance to win. And I understand that.

This is not the case in Nevada.

Dr. Jeff Gunter has a very realistic chance to win in the general election. He is not poorly funded. He just put $3 million of his own money where his mouth is. And that was just for the primary. There is plenty more ready to be deployed for the general election.

And Jeff’s resume is not only better than Sam Brown’s by a country mile, it’s more impressive than 90% of GOP candidates in America. Jeff is a M.D., successful businessman, owner of over 20 dermatology clinics across the Southwestern United States, a specialized skin cancer surgeon, and President Trump’s former U.S. Ambassador to Iceland.

I’d call all of that a 5-star, All American, “Only in America” resume. Jeff is one of America’s best and brightest. His children have graduated from the great universities in America. That reminds me of Trump’s accomplished children.

But forget resumes. Jeff wins big on policy too.

Jeff’s motto is “Build the Wall, Deport Them All.” He loves my idea of firing 86,000 IRS agents and using the money to hire 86,000 ICE agents. Jeff bleeds MAGA.

Jeff wants to go to Washington DC to support Trump’s agenda in the U.S. Senate 100% of the time! Jeff has one over-riding goal…

To help President Trump make America great again.

Sam Brown is a good man. I appreciate his service to America. I greatly appreciate the sacrifices he has made in the line of duty. If he wins the GOP primary, I pledge to support him. Because having a wishy-washy, RINO Senator like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, or Lisa Murkowski is still better than a liberal Democrat who supports the Obama-Biden tax and spend agenda 100% of the time (like Jacky Rosen- our current US Senator in Nevada).

But why would we settle for another Mitch McConnell or Mitt Romney?

We know Brown is a “McConnell Republican” because he is backed by Mitch McConnell’s money. And loads of corporate money. And the Senate GOP establishment- which is very RINO too. All of this smacks of DC Swamp and Deep State.

Last I checked, that’s not MAGA. 

According to a recent article from Mediaite, Brown has a history of refusing to support President Trump. This alone should raise red flags for any true America First supporter.

Moreover, an undercover video exposed Brown’s campaign aides saying he is “establishment GOP” and he would not always support President Trump.

So, of course my first choice is Dr. Jeff Gunter. I’ll always support the most MAGA-friendly candidate- if they are well funded and have a good resume. Dr Jeff Gunter fits the bill.

Why did President Trump decide at the very last minute to support Sam Brown? Who knows? Maybe his advisors gave him bad information. Maybe he saw polls that showed Sam was in the lead. Maybe McConnell and his DC Swamp  delivered millions in donations if Trump endorsed Sam. I get it. That’s politics.

I’ll never be mad at President Trump. He’s the G.O.A.T. (the greatest Republican of all time). And as the 47th President, he’ll become the greatest president of all-time too.

I just want him to have the most MAGA-friendly U.S. Senate behind him.

Dr. Gunter is the candidate who will truly fight for patriots, conservatives and MAGA. He understands the importance of the America First agenda and has the courage to stand up against corruption. He is not afraid to call out unethical behavior, and hold those in power accountable. This is the kind of leadership we need in Washington, D.C.

The DC Swamp and Deep State don’t like that. So, they’re undoubtedly spending tons of money, and using all their influence to stop Jeff.

I urge the MAGA base to rally behind Dr. Gunter, recognizing him as the genuine representative of our values. And the right person to go to the US Senate and support President Trump’s MAGA agenda.

While President Trump’s endorsement of Captain Sam Brown has caused confusion and disappointment, this is politics. It’s a rough and tumble game. I’m sure things went into this decision that I will never understand. We are all still friends. I stand 110% with President Trump.

But our opinions differ on this one. That can happen with friends. But to me it’s clear that Dr. Jeff Gunter is the true America First candidate.

On Election Day, let’s all stand by Dr. Jeff Gunter and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear in Nevada and Washington DC.

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