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ROOT Answers Questions for LP News:

By April 30, 2008No Comments
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– What would you hope to accomplish as the Libertarian presidential nominee? Could you break the million vote barrier?

Republicans and Democrats use great marketing to sell America a lousy product. We Libertarians are trying to sell America a great product, but with lousy marketing.

No doubt, we Libertarians have had some wonderful presidential candidates over the years. Many were deep thinkers, scholarly types who provided thoughtful, intelligent answers to serious questions about the role of freedom and individual rights in society.

And few voters listened. So, if we select a nominee similar to ones we selected in the past, we should not be surprised if few will listen again in 2008.

We may long for the days when folks would ponder and seriously debate the issues in the public square, but this is not the America we live in today. Today's American is influenced by media coverage. And the reason why the media does not cover our candidates is simple: because we don't provide the media with the two things they care about most: dynamic energy and entertainment. It's simple economics. Boring television means fewer eyeballs watching the screen; and fewer eyeballs watching the screen hurts the media's bottom line. If we are boring, we don't get coverage.

We need a candidate who understands Libertarianism and is able to present our ideas in a way that is both palatable and entertaining. As a political science graduate from Columbia University with over 20 years experience as a national television host, guest and producer, I believe I fit the part. As our party's nominee, I will expose our ideas to more media coverage than any previous candidate.

Already, pre-nomination, I've attracted extensive media as a Libertarian Party candidate: Fox News (multiple times), Fox Business (multiple times), MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, WGN, Glenn Beck (3 to 4 million listeners), Michael Medved (3 to 4 million listeners), the nationally-syndicated Mancow Show, BBC, the biggest radio shows in Canada and UK, and hundreds of local stations from coast to coast. I am bringing the Libertarian message of smaller government, less spending, lower entitlements, lower taxes and more freedom to mainstream media and tens of millions of mainstream voters. And I'm doing it in a way that is colorful, and entertaining.

Then there's the powerful constituencies that I bring to the LP. My campaign has several very important constituencies. I am the ANTI-politician. I am a S.O.B. (son of a butcher); small businessman; home-school dad of 4 young children; and a citizen politician- just as our Founding Fathers intended. That image sells to anyone lookingfor dramatic change in Washington D.C. It is the ideal image for an anti-establishment, anti-tax, pro freedom, LP Presidential candidate.

But it is especially appealing to the 27 million small business owners who truly understand the LP message that “less is more� when it comes to government. That 27 million number does not include independent contractors and all the self-employed- stockbrokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers (anyone whose compensation is performance-based). Small business is the economic engine of America. Small business now creates the majority of non-government jobs in America. These tens of millions of small businessmen and women want exactly what we want- smaller government, lower taxes and more personal freedom. My message will attract this ideal group of voters to the LP. Remember, I'm one of them. I speak their language. I understand how big government screws up their lives and kills their dreams. Add this constituency to home-school parents (and all parents looking for education reform, parental freedom and education choice) and we truly have a solid base of support to build for this election and the future.

My game plan is realistic. As your Presidential nominee in 2008, I will break all-time LP records with 2 to 4 million votes. In 2012 I will attract 8 to 12 million votes (Ross Perot territory). By 2016 and 2020, I will be a credible, viable, nationally recognized candidate with a realistic shot at the White House. Yes, I will certainly break the one million vote barrier, but why shoot so low? I want to get at least 2 to 5% of the vote in every state in 2008, so that the LP will automatically qualify for ballot access in 15 states or more. This is a worthy goal as it helps the LP and our local candidates in so many ways.

– During your campaign for the nomination, do you feel you have helped the party with its recent growth? If so, how?

I like to think that all the media interviews I've done have contributed to the LP's growth. I'm the new face and voice of freedom. Or as some in the media have dubbed me, “Ron Paul…on steroids!� The beauty of my candidacy is that I'm here to represent the LP for the long haul- a quarter of a century from now, I'll still be younger than Ron Paul is today! This is only the start of my 16 year campaign to win the White House for the LP.

– In the event that you do not win the presidential nomination, will you assist the presidential nominee and other Libertarian candidates around the nation? If so, how?

Of course I will help anyone that asks me. I will speak whenever, wherever possible not only for LP Presidential candidates, but for local LP candidates across the country. I will be a dynamic voice for “America's Third Party.� I will continue to represent the LP on national TV, just as I have for these past months. The goal is to elect LP candidates at every level of government from water commissioner, school board, and town council on up. And of course to gain ballot access nationally. Then I'll be back in 2012!

– Given that the vice presidential nominee is selected independently, after the presidential nominee is named, do you intend to seek the vice presidential nomination in the event that you do not win your bid for the presidential nomination?

I'm a competitor. My personal philosophy is to shoot for the stars. I aim to win- and
I've never settled. That could be why I've accomplished so many things the so-called “experts� and critics never thought possible. I became one of the youngest anchorpersons on American TV- with no prior experience in the field. I've taken my company public on Wall Street- against all odds. I've written 6 books- including a national best-seller. I've sold a TV series to Hollywood. And I haven't achieved any of this success with a lick of talent. I credit all my success to my tenacity. I am relentless.
I never give up.

I may or not win the LP Presidential nomination, but no candidate will out work me, out hustle me, or out sacrifice me. I've given 110%…and then a little more. So, I haven't really given second place any thought. I plan on winning the LP nomination. No other thoughts will enter my mind. But win or lose, I'm your best asset to travel the country motivating and rallying LP voters- and especially younger voters to get excited about Libertarian ideals and principles. I have four young children and I'm more motivated to provide them with a future of freedom and possibility than anything I have ever done before. I'm doing this for them.

– With the exception of one presidential cycle, the Libertarian Party has enjoyed significant growth during presidential election years. Are you confident that you can continue this trend if chosen as the presidential nominee? Do you believe it is reasonable goal for the LP to reach its all-time membership record as a result of your campaign efforts?

If we want people to buy our product, they first have to know we exist. A loud, booming, confident, dynamic, charismatic, colorful voice that attracts the attention of mainstream media and mainstream voters will get people to know that we are here. If you give me the honor of being our party's nominee, I will drive more prospects to our party's website than any previous campaign has accomplished. The resulting increased number of donors will build the foundation that allows us to run bigger and better campaigns in the future.

There's the perfect storm out there- and if we seize the moment we'll get unprecedented results. This could and should be the best year in the LP's history.
We have the right message- now we just need the right messenger.

– Do you feel that you would be able to attract significant media coverage as our nominee? What coverage has your campaign generated thus far?

As a first time LP Presidential candidate, I think that we've done exceptionally well in this regard. Specific proven accomplishments are far more credible than potential, promises or wishful thinking. I'm now a proven commodity. The quality of the reception given me by media heavyweights has been overwhelmingly positive. I've been asked back by nearly every show I've appeared on- including some of the biggest national TV and radio shows. I've had host after host say, “You're a Libertarian I could actually vote for. You are a breath of fresh air.� I've been endorsed by mainstream media- including Mancow Muller, whose syndicated show reaches millions of Americans. I'm proving the LP message can appeal to mainstream media and voters.

– Five years from now, what role do you see yourself having in the Libertarian Party?

I hope I will have earned the respect and trust of the LP members and delegates to represent them again as their presidential candidate. I hope to have gained us permanent ballot access in at least 15 states. I hope to have elected LP candidates at the local level over those 5 years. I hope to have raised record dollars for the LP. I've been the leading fundraiser at the LP's “Liberty Decides� from the day it was created to now. I've encouraged my friends and supporters to give to the LP cause. I plan to continue to help us develop our party's infrastructure and constituency base- not just for the next 5 years, but the next 16 years. By then I hope to be your first Libertarian President residing in the White House. We must capitalize on this breakout year by continuing the campaign at the grass roots level forever more. I hope you'll be ROOTING FOR ROOT. Please visit my web site at