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ROOT Election Predictions–Reading the “Tea Leaves:” Obama Goes from Messiah to Pariah.

By October 27, 2010No Comments
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Democrat Candidates Learn What Happens When you Blindly Follow a Socialist Off a Cliff…

Signs of the Historic Tea Party Landslide on Nov 2nd

I’m not just a former Vice Presidential nominee, I’m also a Las Vegas oddsmaker, who analyzes political elections just as I analyze sporting events. On CNBC in the Fall of 2004, I predicted the exact final margin of Bush’s Presidential victory beating almost every political pollster in the country. In the Fall of 2006 on FOX News, I predicted the GOP would lose control of Congress, when other experts, pollsters and pundits had serious doubts. And of course I had it right on the money in 2008 when at campaign events I said, “Voting for McCain is voting for four more years of Bush. A terrible thing. But voting for Obama is voting for four years of Karl Marx. He will destroy the U.S. economy, redistribute income, and devastate capitalism.” A very accurate prediction of what has happened under the Obama agenda.

My crystal ball has been working overtime this Fall:

* My prediction is a Tea Party revolution of epic proportions.

* I predict the GOP will take control of the House in a historic landslide of 50 to 60 seats.

* Unlike most pollsters, I believe the Senate is within GOP reach.

* The anger and disgust with the Obama agenda is so strong that I believe this landslide will take Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader with it. I predict Sharron Angle will become the next U.S. Senator of Nevada. That upset could hand the U.S. Senate to the GOP.

* My prediction is a GOP pickup of 8 to 10 Senate seats (10 being the number necessary for a GOP takeover). Tea Party Senate candidates will lead the way- Angle in Nevada, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Marco Rubio in Florida, Ken Buck in Colorado, Joe Miller in Alaska.

* Make no mistake about it. While the immediate beneficiary will be the GOP, this is not a GOP victory. It is a conservative/libertarian tsunami fueled by Tea Party activists. There is no love for Republicans. If the GOP legislators go to D.C. and carry on “business as usual”, such as voting for earmarks, they will be earmarked for defeat in 2012 just like Democrats this year.

* Obama will go down in the record books for the biggest and quickest turnaround in political history- from the MESSIAH who resurrected the Democratic Party…to the socialist PARIAH that destroyed the Democratic party in less than 2 years!

* The results on Nov 2nd will be historic and will leave the Obama agenda in ruins, exposing Obama as a one-term mistake.

* The Tea Party movement is here to stay. It will have an even bigger impact in 2012.

* My final prediction is that Obama will be challenged by members of his own party in a Democratic Presidential primary in 2012. I think there is a good chance that Obama may never again run in a general election for President of the United States.

Do you think I’m being too optimistic about the Tea Party landslide? Perhaps you haven’t read the “Tea Leaves.” Here are my five signs of how clean the sweep will be:

1. The Democratic candidate for Governor of Rhode Island (the bluest of blue states) just told Obama to “shove your endorsement.” Guess what? It isn’t Tea Partiers that are the angry ones. It is Democrat candidates who now realize that Obama has killed their careers. Anger and desperation have set in. They now realize that they’ve foolishly followed a socialist…off a cliff.

2. A Mississippi Democratic Congressman just announced yesterday that he voted for McCain for President. Now this announcement tops them all! Obama is such a millstone around the necks of Democratic Congressman that the only way to save their jobs is to announce they didn’t vote for their own party’s sitting President. It’s all over for this Democratic Congress.

3. It is now reported that Harry Reid is offering Starbucks gift cards to teachers union members in order to get them to vote. Usually the Democrat Party scam only involves cash for drunks and homeless people on the Vegas Strip. Things are so desperate for Democrats now that the U.S. Senate Majority Leader has to bribe teachers for votes. Goodbye Harry.

4. Obama is so desperate about the reality of the repudiation of his entire agenda, that he is showing his anger with offensive, racist language. Did you hear what our President said just this weekend to a crowd of supporters? He said “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.” Can you imagine the media uproar if a white Tea Party politician had told Democrats they have to “sit in the back”? On Univision yesterday, Obama even called American voters who oppose illegal immigration “enemies” of Hispanics. The President sounds awful angry to me- like a man who knows his political career is in ruins.

5. And finally the biggest sign of all of the impending doom for Democrats: HILLARY IS LEAVING THE COUNTRY. That’s right- our Secretary of State just happens to be jetting off to the South Pacific for two weeks starting today. She’ll just happen to be in New Zealand while Democrats are losing the biggest landslide in modern history.

“From messiah to pariah” in less than two years. On November 2nd the American people will reject socialism once and for all.
And we’ll all learn the most important lesson of all:
When your neighbor loses his job, that’s a recession…
When you lose yours, that’s a depression…
When Obama, Pelosi and Reid lose theirs, that’s a RECOVERY.

Wayne Allyn Root, is the author of the new paperback, "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, and Tax Cuts.” He is a Las Vegas oddsmaker turned Vice Presidential nominee. Root is available to the media to provide pre and post election analysis, discussion and debate. His website is: