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Root on “Savage Nation” Calls for Nationwide Protests to “SHUT DOWN AMERICA” by Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Root Says “Obama Has Declared WAR on Small Business Owners and Productive Taxpayers

Root Calls for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, High-Income Earners to Unionize with the PSTA (Private Sector Taxpayers of America)

Las Vegas, NV—March 4, 2009–Libertarian 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root will present a Commentary on “President Obama’s War on Small Business” on Michael Savage's national radio show "Savage Nation" on Wednesday 3/4/09. Root will appear in the 3rd hour of Savage's show. Root is now a regular weekly commentator on Michael Savage's popular show. "Savage Nation" is the third most popular radio talk show in America, reaching over 8.25 million listeners each day.

Root, the busy 2012 Libertarian Presidential hopeful, and author of the upcoming book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts” will suggest that self made Americans- entrepreneurs, small business owners, self-employed independent contractors- should organize, mobilize and unionize. Root has named this union the PSTA- the Private Sector Taxpayers of America. Root says, “If Obama loves unions so much, we’ll give him a union- the union of the people in this country who pay most of the taxes, create most of the jobs, provide most of the productivity, make most of the investments, and take all the economic risks.”

“Obama is prejudiced. He is discriminating against one group- the productive class. Instead of raising taxes equally, he has targeted one group to punish, one group to make all the sacrifices, one group to pay for his massive tax increases. But that group is already shouldering most of the burden. It is time to show Obama that we are the group that is too big to fail. It is time for us to unionize. It is time for us to put out ‘Closed for Business” signs and march on Washington DC. It is time to shut down America and prove our value to society. It is time to show government what it’s like to try to live without our workforce, without our productivity, without our taxes. It’s time for the Private Sector Taxpayers of America to shut this country down.”

“What’s Obama going to do? Show us how important government is and shut it down? We can only hope and pray he shuts government down. We’re the ones paying all the bills, while government does nothing for us- the private sector taxpayers. Government takes and takes from us, and gives us nothing in return. President Obama, we dare you to shut government down! But of course Obama couldn’t. It would only prove how unimportant government is in our lives- the productive Americans wouldn’t even notice it was missing!”

Root's plans for unionizing small business owners and private sector taxpayers will be a centerpiece of his new book, out June 15th, entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.”

Please visit Wayne's website to hear many of his recent appearances on “Savage Nation” with Michael Savage, as well as his many FOX News and FOX Business appearances: