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By January 18, 2010No Comments
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The Citizen Revolution Has Begun…just like the American Revolution…in Massachusetts.

Political Predictions of GOP Victory…from the Only Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned Vice Presidential Nominee

It was only a few weeks ago that I predicted in a commentary that Democrats would pass universal healthcare without a so-called “public option.” At the time, Democratic leaders in Congress were screaming hysterically about the public option having to be included. I predicted in my commentary that this was all a smokescreen…a charade…to distract the voters. Democrats never intended to pass a public option. The plan all along was to pass something with a different name, that appears at first glance to be “more moderate,” and claim they had compromised. In reality this 2000+ page healthcare monstrosity is the death of American business. It is the opening for socialism (government control of business and our lives- medical and financial) that Obama and his radical leftist cabal have sought from day one. My prediction has come true. That’s exactly what is happening.

It was only a few days ago that I predicted in a commentary that President Obama never intended to tax high value health insurance plans that belong to union members. That too was a smokescreen intended to make him look “fair.” In the end I predicted that Obama would give a corrupt special interest gift to the unions that contributed so mightily to his election, and find a way to make unions wiggle out of paying for universal healthcare. That’s exactly what happened late last week. Obama gave the unions an exemption so outrageous it should lead to revolution in the streets from…everyone else. Where’s my exemption? Where’s yours?

I have news for Obama- If you think everyone in the country should pay for universal healthcare…except union members…YOU JUST PROVED YOU'RE NOT ONLY A SOCIALIST….BUT A CORRUPT ONE TOO.

Obama’s corrupt compromise gave unions a 5-year exemption from higher taxes, while the rest of us suffer right away. But that’s only the start of this outrageous scam. The reason Obama gave the unions until 2018 to start paying…is all part of his cynical game. This deal buys them all 8 years to figure out how to exempt union members permanently- in the smoke-filled backroom, while no one is watching and this controversy is forgotten. So there’s my next prediction…if Democrats stay in power, unions will never wind up paying a dime for universal healthcare.

But here’s my most important prediction of all- Obama and the Democrats are about to be swept out of office in the biggest Tea Party revolt since 1776. As a matter of fact, my gut instinct tells me Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown will pull one of the most shocking political upsets in history on Tuesday. Mark it down…whether Brown wins, or simply comes close…the Tea Party political revolution began in Massachusetts just like the first one in 1776.

The only thing standing in the way of this “mother of all upsets” is Obama and his corrupt Massachusetts labor union buddies bringing thousands of dead bodies to the polls on Tuesday. My guess is they are digging up the graves right now. But I don’t think it will be enough. Even the liberal voters of Massachusetts have had enough. What happened? Simple. The citizens of Massachusetts got a head start on experiencing "universal healthcare." As the first state with government-run healthcare (courtesy of Mitt Romney) they found out firsthand that it's a huge fraud- medical costs rise, wait times rise, quality of care deteriorates. The Obama lies only work on those who have never experienced government-run healthcare.

Despite my support for a true fiscal conservative named Joe Kennedy, the Libertarian in that MASS. U.S. Senate race, I believe that a Scott Brown victory will be a huge victory for Tea Parties and be the ultimate “canary in the coal mine.” Brown’s victory will destroy the 60 vote margin needed to pass universal healthcare in the U.S. Senate. This red victory in a blue state will give Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, and Barney Frank a preview of the political beat-down to come. Even the swine flu never caused the amount of violent shaking and vomiting that you’ll see in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

What a Tea Party message. If Democrats can’t hold onto Ted Kennedy’s seat in the bluest state in America…where no Republican has won a U.S. Senate seat since 1972…Obama becomes a Jeopardy question…”What politician became both an overnight sensation…and within only one year an overnight disaster?” Obama becomes nothing more than a short blip in political history. A fluke based on a fraudulent image and the voters’ dislike of Bush. Even if Democrat Coakley manages to hang on in the slimmest of victories, the message will be sent. It’s all over for the Obama Socialist cabal. If you can’t win in a landslide in Massachusetts, you’ll lose in a landslide in 2010 everywhere else. The fact that this race is close is a sign of the difference the Tea Party movement has made in American politics.

The beauty of the Tea Party movement is that most of its members equally distrust and dislike Republicans and Democrats. If the Republican is elected in Massachusetts on Tuesday…and Republicans sweep to victory across the country in 2010…and betray our Tea Party values…raise taxes…raise spending…or violate the constitution…they will all be voted out too. The Tea Parties hold everyone accountable. I predict after one more “marriage” to Republicans, it will become clear that the only viable choice is a third party movement. But in the meantime, the result will be something beautiful and wonderful to a Libertarian-conservative like me: GRIDLOCK.

I predict a 40 to 50 seat Republican landslide in Congress in 2010. It will blow past 1994 as the biggest comeback in political history. Is that good for America? Well I’m no fan of Republicans either. Republicans and Democrats seem to take turns expanding government, enriching their corporate contributors, dramatically increasing the deficit and national debt, and spending us into bankruptcy. This Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown is a great example- he has never seen a tax increase or spending increase he didn't support as a Republican state senator. Suddenly he appears to have undergone a conversion. Suddenly, he’s a Tea Party candidate. The good news is that now there is a movement to hold his feet to the fire. If he betrays the Tea Party moving forward- he too will be thrown out of office- right on his butt.

But the really good news is to come in 2010- when Republicans take over Congress. The reason it is good news is that gridlock is good for taxpayers. A Republican Congress will checkmate a Democrat President. When nothing gets done, taxpayers win (see the Clinton era) and deficits go down (see Clinton era). It’s actually quite simple- with no one in power able to pass their own agenda, nothing passes, government doesn't grow, and we all save money. Gridlock might just be our last chance to save this country from economic collapse.

Will Brown’s election in Massachusetts stop Obamacare? Possibly. My best guess is that Democrats will attempt to use every trick in the book to pass it anyway. Whether they find reasons to stall his seating in the U.S. Senate, or to pass Obamacare with a simple House vote (without ever asking the Senate to vote again). But again, this is why the rise of the citizen revolt called the Tea Parties is such a powerful development. For the first time politicians of both parties are truly frightened. For the first time the “ruling class” in D.C. is frightened. A GOP victory in the most unlikely of places- Massachusetts- will put the fear of God into moderate blue dog Democrats everywhere. Suddenly, it will become crystal clear that a vote for Obamacare is a vote for the end of your political career.

I also have a selfish reason to want to see gridlock in D.C. Gridlock in 2010 buys me time to put my Libertarian plan in place. By 2012 or 2016, through grass roots organization and fundraising efforts, I hope to have the Libertarian Party in a strong position to actually elect Congressman, Governors and other major political offices. The timing will be perfect- Republicans will have had enough time in power to hang themselves again. The GOP will once again prove that when it comes to spending taxpayer money, they are not to be trusted. Polls prove that voters now want a credible third party alternative. One more round of Republican abuse of power will finally bring the point home.

What this country desperately needs right now is political turmoil…leading to citizen revolt…leading to gridlock…leading to a realization that both major political parties are a disaster for taxpayers…leading to a credible and marketable third party alternative. A Libertarian alternative that stands for both economic and personal freedom, and more power for the people. That is what you call a true political revolution…and a true Tea Party victory. For the first time in a very long time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for taxpayers.