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By Wayne Allyn Root

Is RFK Jr. Trump’s “Secret Weapon” in 2024?

I’ve argued for many months now that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is right about three things – the Covid vaccine, the funding of the Ukraine war, and the Deep State. I like him. He’s a good guy – for a Democrat. He has integrity – for a Democrat.

Most importantly, he’s not your typical Democrat – meaning he’s not a communist traitor. He doesn’t want to destroy America. And that’s why the Democrat leadership hates him. RFK Jr. has been shunned by his own party. He’s a pariah in the party of radical America-hating Marxists like Obama, Biden, Kamala, Hillary, Pelosi, Kerry and Soros.

So RFK Jr. is a relatively good guy… for a Democrat.

Because RFK Jr. is so right about the dangerous and deadly Covid vaccine, I’ve pitched him on my national TV and radio shows as the ideal “Special Prosecutor” for President Trump to appoint to investigate Big Pharma and the Covid vaccine.

Let’s find out, once and for all, the truth about the Covid vaccines. Did they save lives? Or did they kill millions? Are they a scam? Did Big Pharma bribe the media and the politicians? Was massive censorship and propaganda used by our own government to cover-up the truth? Inquiring minds want to know.

Afterall, the CDC just reported that only 2% of Americans have taken the new Covid booster shot. That means 98% of Americans have serious questions about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccine.

If President Trump, once he’s re-elected in 2024, announces he’d name Bobby Kennedy Jr. to head up that Big Pharma/vaccine investigation, I believe Trump would gain a lot of support. And make his base very happy!

But I’ve also warned on many occasions, RFK Jr. should never be Trump’s Vice President.

Many conservative hosts naively suggested and recommended that. I’ve said again and again, that should never be an option.

Why? Because Bobby is still a proud Kennedy Democrat. He’s not a communist traitor. He doesn’t hate America. But he is in the mode of Ted Kennedy, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale. Meaning he’s a traditional, old-school liberal Democrat.

Which means tax, spend and regulate the economy to death. All those old Democrat policies that damage the US economy… put businesses out of business… kill jobs… and explode the national debt. I don’t know about you, but I want no part of that.

Did you hear the latest news? I told you so. Like a typical, old-school, bleeding-heart, Jimmy Carter-like Democrat, RFK Jr. just announced his support of REPARATIONS.

Yes, those reparations. 

RFK Jr. wants to steal your money because you’re white… even though you weren’t alive for slavery… and your family may not have even been in America… and you’ve never hurt a black person in your life…

And redistribute your hard-earned money to people just because they’re black… who were also not alive during slavery. Makes sense, right?

This hair-brained scam would divide and destroy America. This is national suicide. Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave. MLK fought for a nation where no one would notice the color of your skin… only your talent and brainpower. This insane idea of “reparations” is the exact opposite.

If it was wrong for our government to ever discriminate, or enslave someone based on the color of their skin… why would it now be a good idea to reward and enrich someone because of the color of their skin? Government has no right to pick winners, or losers… let alone winners or losers because your skin is a certain color.

Yet RFK Jr. just endorsed this terrible, dangerous, and offensive idea. 

As good as RFK Jr. is on the Covid vaccine… he just proved himself that terribly wrong on reparations. That could be the worst idea I’ve ever heard in my life – besides government forcing me to take a dangerous, deadly experimental vaccine.

Yet, I’m cheering RFK Jr.’s endorsement of reparations!

Because RFK Jr. can no longer take votes away from Trump. He can only help Trump win the election. Very few Republicans anywhere in America will even consider voting for RFK Jr. once they find out he supports reparations.

Which means my original gut instinct was right. RFK Jr. just became a huge problem for Joe Biden, or whoever is the 2024 Democrat Presidential nominee. Bobby will only take votes from the Democrat candidate.