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THE B.C.S. is Just Plain B.S!

By January 8, 2010No Comments
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Alabama Unmasked. ‘Bama Hangs On Versus Freshman QB Barely Out of High School?

The Fix Was In. Where were Boise State and TCU?

By 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee Wayne Allyn Root

I was watching the BCS National Championship last night between Alabama of the SEC and Texas of the Big 12, and wondering who was the better team? But I wasn’t choosing between Texas and Alabama. I was choosing between Texas, Alabama, Boise State, TCU, Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon and Iowa. Those 8 teams could have all PLAYED for the national championship in a marvelous, wonderful, extraordinary 8 team NCAA Playoff after the bowls (or instead of the Bowls). But that didn’t happen. What a travesty. The other schools were denied the chance to play for a national championship because of politics, greed and jealousy. Every other pro and college sport in the country plays a PLAYOFF to determine the national champion- except college football. In this sport, polls driven by human nature and human error, determine who “deserves” to play for the title. Watching first hand last night how competely overrated Alabama really is…it’s time to start protesting loudly.

Alabama had a great season. They have a marvelous defense. Nick Saban is one of the great coaches in NCAA history. Alabama is to be commended. But…they were thoroughly outplayed last night. The national champion…with 3 minutes to go…had not scored a point in the entire second half. This is your dominant national champion? Their opponent Texas suffered the most unusual streak of bad luck I’ve seen in my 25 years of watching football- losing the best QB in football (maybe the history of college football) on the first series of the game. You’ve got to be kidding me? I’ve never seen something like that happen…losing a QB that good…that soon into the game…on this big a stage…EVER. What a freak of bad luck. Colt McCoy had NEVER missed a game due to injury in 4 long years. Now on the biggest stage in NCAA football, he is knocked out only minutes into the game during a national championship? And their only backup was a true freshman who was playing in high school last year? And still Alabama didn’t shine. Still Alabama stumbles to the finish line.

Did you see the first half of football? Colt McCoy’s backup Garrett Gilbert (who?) looked like a 12 year old playing football against a chain gang of adult prison inmates. The kid was frightened out of his cleats. He couldn’t complete a pass. He stumbled over his own feet. He tripped up his own running back. He could hardly get a pass over the arms of the ‘Bama defensive lineman. This is who Alabama beat to win the national championship? A frightened high school kid?

Even more embarassing for Alabama…by the second half the high school kid was dominating them! The vaunted ‘Bama D gave up 2 long touchdowns to the frightened high school kid. This is the greatest D in college football? With 3 minutes left in the game, Texas trailed by only 3 points and had the ball and the momentum. But then the frightened, inexperienced high school boy showed up again just in the nick of time for ‘Bama. Gilbert, the freshman QB, turned the ball over twice in the last 3 minutes to give Alabama two cheap late touchdowns and the national championship. With 3 minutes to go, big bad ‘Bama was on the verge of being upset by a team without any semblance of a running game and a QB who can’t shave yet? A quarterback is EVERYTHING in football. He controls the game, reads defenses, and leads the troops into battle. This young QB committed 5 turnovers. FIVE. And Texas still almost upset Alabama. This is the national champion? 37-21 could be the most deceiving final score in NCAA championship history.

Shouldn’t small underdogs like Boise State and TCU have had a chance to beat Alabama too? Is that a remote fantasy? Well considering Utah dominated this same Alabama powerhouse last year in their Bowl, I think it’s very possible Boise State might have rolled over the Tide.

The greatest fraud in NCAA Bowl history was matching Boise State versus TCU in a Bowl. The BCS is a greedy, corrupt, arrogant fraud. The matchup of Boise and TCU proves it. The BCS was as frightened as that young QB for Texas- frightened that either (or both) Boise State or TCU would upset big powerhouses from the privileged BCS conferences (like Texas and Alabama) and make them all look like fools. So the fix was in. They arranged for Boise and TCU to play each other- so no BCS school could be embarrassed. That way neither Boise nor TCU could claim that they were robbed of the title. This was literally a criminal theft (of opportunity) versus Boise and TCU (and perhaps Florida and Ohio State too). The BCS and their privileged conferences are simply arrogant, greedy and afraid to share the wealth. But now the charade is over. It’s time for the BCS to just admit the truth and remove the C from their title. It’s all just B.S.