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The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

By January 20, 2010No Comments
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Any Attempt to Pass Universal Healthcare Now will Damage the Obama Presidency Beyond Repair…and Result in Unrest in the Streets.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned-Vice Presidential-Nominee Predicted Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts…and Now Makes More Controversial Political Predictions.

Last Night’s Big Winners: Tea Parties, Conservatives, Libertarians, Small Business Owners, the Cop from Cambridge, and Hillary Clinton.

Last Night’s Big Losers: Obama, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Unions, and Universal Healthcare.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

A few thoughts and predictions on winners and losers after the historic upset in Massachusetts last night:

The citizen revolution- as predicted in the sub title of my new book- has begun. The Tea Parties really are the most popular political party in America.

Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave. His seat has gone not just to a Republican…not just to a conservative…but to a Tea Party-supported candidate who drives a pickup truck.

Obama denigrated the cop from Cambridge, Massachusetts only a few short months ago…now the Cambridge Police Department (who endorsed Scott Brown) and the state of Massachusetts have handed Obama the most humiliating defeat in political history. Call it the revenge of the Cambridge cops!

Obama just became the biggest flameout in U.S. political history. If you can’t win in the bluest state in America…you’re going to lose by a landslide in 2010 and 2012 everywhere else. Can you imagine? Obama and Obamacare were just repudiated by the same voters that brought us the Kennedys, McGovern, Dukakis and Kerry.

Why did this happen in Massachusetts of all places? Because Massachusetts just happens to be the only state in America that already has universal healthcare. They are the only voters who know for a fact that government-run healthcare is a catastrophe…and that every word coming out of Obama’s mouth is a lie. Their vote is witness to their anger and disillusion.

This was NOT a Republican victory. Those who think it is are sadly mistaken. Just as Obama’s victory was misunderstood from day one- it was never a vote for Obama and the Democrats. It was a vote against Bush. Scott Brown’s victory was a vote for conservative fiscal principles…against universal healthcare….against bigger government…against socialism…and against Obama.

The same Tea Party voters who handed Scott Brown the biggest upset in political history will throw his butt out of office if he betrays their principles of smaller government, lower taxes and power to the people. No one politician and no one party is in control now. The people are in control- just as the Founding Fathers intended.

Conservatives, Libertarians, small business owners, and anyone who stands for smaller government won a huge victory tonight…as did the American taxpayer. The grownups who actually pay the taxes and create the jobs are taking back the country.

The D.C. ruling class is in shock. The career politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, unions, government bureaucrats, and Democratic machine lost BIG.

The biggest loser of the night wasn’t even Obama. It was Harry Reid. Poor ‘ole Harry now knows his career is over. He lost his way…lost his small town roots…and now he’s lost his job. Harry Reid is nothing more than a placeholder for the next 10 months until election day.

Harry Reid is sick to his stomach right about now…Trust me Harry, it isn’t swine flu.

And how about all those Las Vegas casino owners who bet big on Harry and his son Rory with all those big campaign contributions. They just found out they bet on the wrong horse. I’d like to see their faces right about now. Oh well, can I interest any of you in a free meal and a casino rate room? Isn’t that what you usually offer the losers on the way out the door?

Only the union bosses lost as big as Harry Reid tonight. The corrupt deal that Obama handed the unions only days ago (exempting them from paying the bill for universal healthcare) was the final straw for all common-sense voters. The result? A dramatic Scott Brown-surge in the last week. Call it the revenge of the private sector.

Hillary Clinton was the stealth winner tonight. I predict she runs in a Democratic Presidential primary in 2012 and beats the sitting President. Trust me, the whispers are already starting in powerful circles (see George Soros). The Democrats cannot save themselves in 2012 without throwing Obama under the bus. And they will.

The people I feel best about tonight are my many friends who own and run small businesses. They were scared that universal healthcare would put them out of business. Not anymore. The American people stopped universal healthcare. The people pulled off something no expert or Beltway pundit thought was possible (except for this Vegas oddsmaker). It's this "can-do" spirit that has made America the greatest country in world history. Anything is possible in this great country.

One last prediction- if Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their socialist cabal try to bypass the will of the American people and ram universal healthcare down our throats, there will be hell to pay….there will be unrest in the streets…protests will shut down Washington D.C. and it will bring down the Obama Presidency. For once the protestors in the streets won’t be the poor with nothing to lose…the streets will fill with the small business owners, doctors, taxpayers, and the middle class. The people won’t even wait until November to throw the bums out.