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By Wayne Allyn Root

You’ve heard it all. “Inflation has peaked.” “Inflation is no longer a problem.” “Disinflation is now a greater threat.” “Inflation is 0.” These are the greatest hits of government propaganda and misinformation.

But this is serious fake news. This kind of lie effects the lives of the entire American middle class. The middle class is being sacrificed. This is the murder of the middle class.

I’m not a politician, or economist, or a member of the mainstream media. I’m a businessman in the real world. And in the real world where I live inflation is alive and well. Inflation is still roaring and soaring.


Let me give you just a few examples… 

*When I go grocery shopping, the bills are through the roof. It doesn’t matter if the cost of bread, butter, eggs, cream cheese, meat, chicken, fish and a hundred other items has stopped rising. That’s where the fraud comes in. The media quotes economists who say, “inflation has peaked.” Let’s assume that’s true.

Let’s assume in the past three years a cart of groceries has risen from $80 to $120 to $180 to $220. Which it has. So, does it matter if so far this year it hasn’t gone up? None of us could afford it when the groceries were $120, or $180. We certainly can’t afford it when they sit at $220. Whether they’re up this year is of no consequence.

*My electric bill is soaring. Last July, my electric bill was $780.13. This July my bill is $989.20. I know because just paid it today. My math says this is an increase of over 25% in one year. Isn’t green energy great! Our electric company is using more and more green energy. That’s precisely why electric bills across the country are soaring. Green energy is simply unaffordable. It will drive us all to the poor house.

*My natural gas bill for my home is soaring.

*My water bill is soaring.

*My fuel bill for my car is up again.

*My property tax bill is up.

*Since everything I buy at the supermarket, and big box retailers, and at online stores, and all the other places I shop are up dramatically, and we all pay sales tax on every item we buy, my sales taxes are up dramatically.

*Have you gone out to eat at a restaurant lately? I’m a businessman. I go to business lunches and dinners 10 times a week. Every one of my meals is up dramatically from three years ago. Meals that used to cost $70 to $80 three years ago, now cost $125 to $150. Sometimes at the nicer restaurants in Vegas those same meals are hitting $200. And I don’t drink.

These prices are insane. I don’t know if they’ve gone up this year. But I know A) These prices are unaffordable…and B) They are ridiculously higher than three years ago.

*My storage unit cost $1,200 per year only three years ago. And they gave me a 13th month free. Then last year they jacked up the price to $1,920 for the same storage unit- and eliminated the 13th month free. This year they jacked the price up to $2,208 per year. My math says that’s an increase of over 80% in three years.

*My business P.O. Box fee is up dramatically.

*My legal and accounting fees are higher than ever.

*My health insurance, home insurance and car insurance are all soaring.

*And thanks to Obamacare, my health insurance SUCKS. It seems every bill is on me (for me and my children). The bills are overwhelming. Every minute there is a new medical expense. And very little or nothing is ever covered.

I already paid for two kids in college. Soon two more will be starting. College costs are up through the roof.

I haven’t even discussed rent, or mortgage, or car payments, or credit card bills. Because of much higher interest rates, those are all up too.

And I just got back from my first vacation in a year. Every year I rent a home in Park City, Utah for my big family to fly in from all over the country. The cost to rent a vacation home was up by 50% over last year.

So, explain to me how “inflation is gone”…or “has peaked”…or “is no longer a problem”…or “deflation is the bigger threat.”

Those are all lies, fraud, propaganda and misinformation to protect the biggest fraud, liar and spreader of misinformation in world history…President Joe Biden.


Only three things are fact…

1)  Every bill that matters to the typical American family is sky high…and up dramatically from three years ago. Inflation is destroying the great American middle class. That’s “Bidenomics.”

2)  All of these costs were dramatically lower under President Donald J. Trump.

3)  We had the perfect “goldilocks economy” under Trump: inflation was close to zero…interest rates were among the lowest in history…unemployment was among the lowest in history…economic growth was soaring…stocks were fantastic…taxes were lower…and we had peace throughout the world.

I’m a businessman living in the real world. Those are the facts.


Here’s one more fact…

Now, more than ever, we need President Trump back in the White House.