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By Wayne Allyn Root

This country and this world are on fire. So many bad things are happening, my head is spinning. I can’t even keep track. Can you?

The open border…the decline of the middle class…massive inflation…crime exploding…failing schools…protests all over America by Jew haters…wars in Ukraine and now the Middle East…1,400 Jews slaughtered in Israel by terrorists…threats from Iran that could turn this into World War 3… brain-dead Biden giving billions to Iran so they can spread terrorism all over the world…China getting ready to move on Taiwan…and in the middle of it all…crazed, obsessed Democrats trying to send President Trump to prison for life.

I’m dizzy just listing all the moving pieces of the intentional destruction of America. All of this is a communist takeover of the USA.

How do I know? Because it’s all right out of the communist playbook. Divide the country…make everyone hate each other…censor your opposition…weaponize the government…and distract the masses with nonstop propaganda, chaos and crisis.

But with all these WMD’s (weapons of mass distraction) you might have missed the good news…

The lies, fraud and propaganda isn’t working anymore.

The people aren’t buying. The American people despise Joe Biden and the Democrats. At least the legal US citizens who work for a living, who pay taxes into the system. The people that matter. The producers and makers, not the lazy losers and takers.

Yes, Democrats have poor people trapped on welfare and food stamp…felons…illegal aliens…transgenders…abortion obsessed feminists…and the ultra-liberal, intellectual, brainwashed wackjobs who graduated from elite colleges…most of whom can’t decide if they’re a man, or a woman.

But pretty much all the normal people of America have had enough. They’re overwhelmingly on our team now. Here’s some good news for a change. These are the signs of “the Great Awakening” and “the Great American Divorce” converging…

The latest Morning Consult Bloomberg Poll shows Trump leading in almost every battleground state.

The latest Emerson College poll shows Trump leading in Pennsylvania by a 9-point landslide.

And in the latest Rasmussen poll, 35% of Democrats and 50% of black voters are considering voting for Trump.

All of this while Trump is indicted four times, facing life in prison, with more indictments almost certainly on the way. And rigged New York courts claiming he’s a fraud and trying to take all his assets away.

With all of that…the people are sticking with Trump!

That’s incredible. That’s amazing. David Copperfield couldn’t pull that rabbit out of his hat! The people aren’t fooled anymore. The distractions aren’t working. The propaganda is backfiring.

Wait, there’s more. 

Did you hear only 2% of Americans have taken the new Covid booster shot. TWO PERCENT. Pfizer stock is collapsing, and Pfizer is announcing layoffs. Americans don’t want your dangerous, deadly, experimental jab anymore. The propaganda doesn’t work anymore. No one trusts government, or the mainstream media anymore.

We’re winning.

And then there’s the biggest proof of all. Americans are voting with their feet. They’ve moving out of Democrat-run states by the millions. Everyone is running away from deep blue cities and states like they have the plague. Like those states are giving out cancer. That’s because they are.

The American people see Democrat policies as a cancer that’s killing America and American exceptionalism. 

All the stats are in from a hundred directions. People have woken up. And “The Great American Divorce” I’ve predicted for almost 20 years is happening. And the more Democrats talk, and govern…and the more Americans see the results…the more Americans choose to run for their lives.

Americans are voting with their feet. And the winner is…Red State America. Americans are moving by the millions away from high-tax, high-regulation blue states like California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.

And they’re moving to red states like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina. Or in some cases, like my home state of Nevada, although it’s a purple state, they’re moving here because the income taxes are zero and the property taxes are among the lowest in America.

Just in the month of August over 6,000 Californians moved to Las Vegas. In one month!

Why is the whole California moving to my town Las Vegas? We have a brand new Republican Governor (Joe Lombardo). One of his first acts was declaring that no child in the state of Nevada will be forced to take the Covid vaccine to attend school. There it is.


But it’s not just people running away from California to Nevada. Even California’s sports teams are moving here. First the Oakland Raiders abandoned California for Las Vegas. Now the Oakland A’s major league baseball team is moving to Las Vegas. What’s next? Maybe Oakland City Hall will relocate here!

Everyone has chosen. They want Trump as President running the country- even if he’s campaigning with an ankle bracelet.

And they want low taxes, low regulation, smaller government, more freedom, with no masks and no vaccines. Liberal Democrat ideas and policies have failed. No one wants them.

We have this never-ending debate in America and especially in Washington DC about what works- left or right, liberalism or conservatism, capitalism or socialism.

Well, there’s no need to debate anymore.

“The Great Awakening” is happening. And “The Great American Divorce” is on. The answer is in. We won!

Now the only question is, will 2024 be rigged? Do the votes matter anymore?

Because winning the debate and winning the vote are two very different things (depending on who is counting the votes).