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With President Donald J. Trump’s indictment and arrest looming, unrest on the horizon, and the country divided like never before…conservative author and nationally-syndicated radio and TV host Wayne Allyn Root has impeccable timing.

Root’s solution to a bitterly divided nation is his latest book, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.”

Root says, “Our nation is headed for a ‘National Divorce.’ That phrase was my original idea for over two years now on my national radio and TV shows.

Then Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene picked it up and ran with my idea. Whether there will ever be an official complicated ‘national divorce’ or not, there are simple ways to unofficially carry out this red-blue separation.

One of those ways is for all conservatives, patriots and religious Americans to escape blue states for low tax, light regulation, non-woke red state havens like Texas and Florida. I recommended and predicted this great national upheaval in my book “Millionaire Republican” in 2005. It’s happening. Millions are relocating to red states.

But the other way to fight back from woke leftist lunacy is an even more powerful solution. That’s what my latest book is all about.

The only real, viable, doable, answer (at this moment in time) to save the USA, is for conservative patriots to build a “Parallel Conservative Patriot Economy.” Meaning only spend our money with conservative patriotic companies.

My co-author Nicky Billou (an Iranian immigrant) and our team of researchers spent over a year researching and identifying the 123 most patriotic companies in America to buy from, and to invest your savings and retirement accounts in (some are publicly traded).

This is THE winning game plan for conservatives, patriots and Americans with faith in God. This is how we reward and fund conservative, patriotic companies. And how we punish and defund woke leftist companies that are destroying this great country.

Wayne’s new book, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book” is released on March 28th, but available for pre-sale at Amazon now.

Featuring all the best patriotic companies in the USA to buy from! 317 patriotic pages.

You can buy Wayne’s new blockbuster book pre-sale right now. CLICK HERE: