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The Incredible Hypocrisy of Obama

By November 18, 2009No Comments
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Comparing Obama's Painfully Slow Decision on Afghanistan…to Obama's Rush To Pass Universal Healthcare

Nancy Pelosi's “Congressional Death Panels.”

Why a Vote for Universal Healthcare is a Vote for Political Suicide.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
"The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts!"

I'll keep this short and simple. Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan every day.
Yet, Obama appears in no hurry to decide how best to support and protect them. To the contrary, Obama stalls and procrastinates claiming he'd rather do it right, than fast. Meanwhile our sons and daughters die…and the morale of troops disintegrates.

Yet, when it comes to reforming healthcare OBAMA DEMANDS WE RUSH. Instead of doing it right, he demands we do it fast. Even if it means an incompetent, bumbling, hapless, and corrupt federal government might take over 17% of the U.S. economy. Even though government-run Medicare and Medicaid already threaten to bankrupt America with waste, incompetence, theft and corruption. Even though the federal government has never before run anything successfully, efficiently and profitably. What kind of madman would rush this decision on adding trillions in new spending on a risky unproven scheme in the midst of the worst depression since 1929 (and in my opinion- it is getting worse)? If there was ever a decision needed to be made right, rather than fast, this is it.

So why the rush? Obama knows anyone with common sense that has time to think about this plan (let alone read the actual bill), would never support it. Certainly not now- in the midst of economic Armageddon. That is why Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are demanding Congressmen and Senators vote on it before they read it…and before we (the voters) hear about the details- the massive new taxes, the onerous new mandates, the rationing, the criminal penalties, he dramatic expansion of Big Brother in our lives.

The vote must happen before the average distracted American voter realizes they will be forced to buy health insurance or be fined $15,000 or sent to prison; before Americans realize 50 million patients will be added to an already overloaded, overburdened healthcare system- while adding no new doctors, or worse yet, causing tens of thousands of doctors to retire rather than work for lower wages, higher taxes, and heavier workloads; before anyone realizes that you don't save money by spending an extra trillion dollars; before anyone realizes that government “experts” have always far underestimated the cost of every new proposed government program- in order to sell it- often by 10 times or more.

Do you need to know anymore about the reason Obama is rushing this pig of a bill through Congress? But there is more. Obama is afraid that Americans will realize the Senators and Congressmen, who are being threatened and bribed to vote for universal healthcare, know it is so bad that they themselves REFUSE to live by it. They have their own healthcare plan- no rationing or higher taxes (or both) for them.

Obama must rush the vote before anyone realizes he will not dare tax the top-of-the-line private health plans that could actually pay for this big government boondoggle- because those plans belong to the union members that supported Obama for President. Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel by the government employee unions, teachers unions, and auto unions.

And finally, Obama wants to rush through universal healthcare before anyone realizes that the taxes and surcharges to pay for it will cost millions of jobs and huge tax increases on EVERYONE!

The definition of a Ponzi scheme is to steal from one group of suckers to pay another. Eventually all Ponzi schemes fail- when you run out of suckers. In this case, the suckers are American taxpayers. Obama says only the rich will pay- don't believe it. A program this big and corrupt will hit everyone, regardless of income in their pocketbook. The rich will certainly be hit. Some will retire; some will move offshore; some will go underground;
some will cut back on hours because the reward is no longer worth the risk; and many will go out of business under the new burdens. Obama will learn that you CAN kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

The damage done to the rich will reverberate in deadly fashion to the middle class.
First jobs will be lost by the millions. Yes, millions MORE jobs than we've already lost. As my father used to say, "I'd love to hate the rich, but I've never gotten a job from a poor person." And, when the tax revenues necessary to fund universal government-run healthcare fail to appear (because the rich have gone out of business, or refuse to work), Obama will turn to the middle class to pay the bill. It may take 5 years of massive, unimaginable budget deficits, but soon enough the middle class will be asked to pay dearly.

Disaster looms. Don't say you weren't warned. The only bright lining is that the end of Obama and Pelosi's reign looms too. From now on, let's call a vote for universal healthcare “Nancy Pelosi's Congressional Death Panels.” Political suicide awaits the Democrats foolish and arrogant enough to pass this bill.

So, now you can clearly see why Obama can wait with a decision regarding Afghanistan (while our sons and daughters are fighting and dying), but he has no choice but to rush a vote on universal health care. Many of you may think it's because Obama and his minions are inept. Well, they may be, but they are also disastrously devious and know the way to get “the worst bill in the history of America” passed is by rush, rush, rush, and what better time than when Americans are distracted by the Christmas holidays.