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By Wayne Allyn Root

Glory Hallelujah. The wicked witch is gone.

Harvard President Claudine Gay (aka “the Kamala Harris of Harvard”) has resigned in disgrace. And she didn’t really resign. She was forced to walk the plank. Harvard was bleeding donations with Gay as President. Harvard lost perhaps a billion dollars in a short period of time – as Jewish donors boycotted Harvard with a Jew-hater at the helm.

Great job! This is how to defeat the woke left – money talks.

Harvard left Gay no choice. She had to go. Now. Harvard’s Board made it clear – “All of our donations have dried up. Our biggest donors are screaming for your head. You’re walking the plank, Claudine.”

So, this episode ends in victory for conservatives, Jewish Harvard alumni and anyone with common sense. The wicked witch is gone. At least as President, spokesperson and the face of Harvard. Sadly (so far) it appears she keeps her $900,000 a year job as political science professor at Harvard. But nonetheless, this whole episode is a disaster, terrible humiliation and a black eye for both Harvard and Gay. The good guys won (at least a small victory).

Why do I call Gay “the Kamala Harris of Harvard”? Because she was clearly unqualified for her job. Because she clearly was an affirmative action hire. Because she clearly only got her job because she’s black (with assists for being gay and a woman). And for two long months she kept her job only because she is black and gay. A straight white man would have been terminated the day after their testimony in front of Congress badly tarnished the Harvard brand.

This is a lesson for America.

This is what happens when A) You hire people for important positions because of the color of their skin and no other reason… and B) You let woke liberal morons make important hiring decisions.

But Claudine Gay isn’t just unqualified and incompetent; and an embarrassment to Harvard and Ivy League elite education. Those are her least important problems. She is a racist Jew-hater, who condoned vicious, vile, antisemitic rhetoric and violent threats against Jews; and a plagiarist who allegedly stole the work of others and claimed it to be hers – numerous times. That’s one hell of a combination.

I’m a Harvard parent. My oldest child graduated there a decade ago. The Harvard brand has been badly damaged to the point of no-return. It’s clear to me that anyone who graduated with a Harvard degree… or any parent who paid for a Harvard degree for their child… and specifically Jewish Harvard graduates… should band together for a billion-dollar class action lawsuit.

A Harvard degree just crashed and burned in value. In many cases (at prestigious law firms and Wall Street brokerages) a Harvard graduate will no longer even be offered an interview. So, what’s your degree worth?

Your Harvard degree is now a black mark. You deserve your money back. Harvard has a $50 billion endowment. It’s time to make them pay. And be sure to make Claudine Gay a defendant to this billion-dollar class action lawsuit. “The Kamala Harris of Harvard” should be stripped of her job, assets and $900,000 annual professor’s salary. She should never be allowed to work in higher education ever again.

Now back to “the REAL Kamala Harris”. 

Claudine Gay was a “Kamala Harris wanna-be.” Her actions pale in comparison to the REAL Kamala Harris – who is also an unqualified, incompetent, affirmative action hire. The damage done to America and 330 million American citizens by the REAL Kamala Harris is unimaginable. This damage is life-and-death.

The REAL Kamala Harris is the “border czar” who has never been to the border. Unqualified, incompetent Kamala, along with her bosses and partners-in-crime Joe Biden, and his boss Obama (the real President), and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have damaged our entire country, our economy, and our children’s future by opening the border and welcoming the whole world in…

Including violent criminals; murderers; rapists; MS-13 gangbangers; Hamas terrorists; military-age males from our mortal enemy China; illegal aliens bringing third-world diseases; and the world’s poorest, unskilled, freeloaders who require cradle-to-grave welfare, food stamps, free housing, free healthcare and free public school for their children.

America may never recover. The damage may be irreversible. The debt may collapse our economy. This is what happens when you put unqualified, incompetent people, or woke brainwashed liberals in positions of power.

“The Kamala Harris of Harvard” should be punished with a billion-dollar class action lawsuit from Harvard grads and their parents. But that’s a tiny slice of America.

The REAL Kamala Harris is so much more dangerous… and has caused catastrophic damage to every American citizen. Her actions – along with her communist cabal of traitors – has damaged this country perhaps beyond repair. She may have destroyed the greatest nation in the history of civilization, ever blessed by God. What’s that damage worth?

There is no price that can ever compensate the American people.  

The REAL Kamala Harris (aka “border czar”) needs to be indicted, arrested and prosecuted for insurrection (this is the REAL insurrection) and treason against the American people. Along with her partners-in-crime Biden, Obama and Mayorkas.

And just learn this life-and-death lesson: never again hire anyone for any important position based only on the color of their skin – whether it’s the President of Harvard, or the Vice President of the United States.

P.S. And always remember – Joe Biden is also a plagiarist. These people are all the same – communists, traitors, incompetent, frauds and thieves who steal the work of others.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest book is out, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” Wayne is now the host of two new TV shows on Real America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He is also host of the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST. Visit for more information.