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The Kim Kardashian Model for Running America

By April 4, 2012No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root



This message is dedicated to you Kim Kardashian.


Let’s be blunt. The state of California sees wealthy successful people and business owners as targets of opportunity. Just like a petty thief, or home invader, or car-jacker. They see your money as their money. Their goal is to remove it from you.


At this very moment the top 1% of income earners in California pay just under 50% of the taxes. The top ½ of 1% pay 32% of the taxes. But that’s not good enough for the socialist cabal of Big Labor and Democratic politicians in California. They want more…and more…and more.


Governor Jerry Brown’s new ballot initiative in November raises taxes on the rich again. Assuming it passes…those who make over $250,000 will pay the highest taxes in the country. Those who make over a million dollars will get hit with an even higher surcharge.


That’s on top of the highest sales taxes in the nation (which are also going up if Gov. Brown’s initiative passes)…the highest gas taxes…the highest workers compensation rates in the nation…the highest business taxes west of the Mississippi…and the most draconian anti-business environment in America.


The results are frightening: California now has the highest debt in the nation…the highest unfunded pension liabilities in the nation…among the worst education results in the nation…and the lowest bond ratings out of 50 states. Congratulations California- YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LOSER!


And you wonder why the rich are escaping from California by the hundreds of thousands? California’s state tax authority recently reported that the number of Californians earning $500K per year dropped by almost 40%. Why do you think that happened? They ran for their lives.


With so many rich people leaving California…the state is more desperate than ever to find new targets of opportunity to demonize and steal from.


Enter Kim Kardashian. She makes about $10,000,000 per year from her business empire. And she is one of the most famous people in the world. So she is now being used as the poster child to raise support for the ballot initiative to punish the rich.


Kim, you’re being savaged in the California media by mean-spirited, politically correct, small-minded, envious, California ultra-liberals who hate your moxie…hate your ambition…hate your chutzpah…and most of all hate that you are more successful and wealthy than they are.


They’re jealous of the business empire you’ve built. They think your success should be their success, your money should be their money. They think you OWE them, that your income must be confiscated and redistributed.


But there is an alternative. I am a citizen of the great state of Nevada. Nevada is a neighbor of California. Based on the way we treat taxpayers, Nevada might as well be on a different planet. Nevada is from Mars, and California is from Uranus.


Kim, here in Nevada we couldn’t disagree more with the way California treats you.


You see in Nevada we don’t believe Kim Kardashian, or anyone else, owes us a cent. Here in Nevada what’s yours is yours. We’re not jealous of your success. We’ll never complain about how little in taxes you pay. Because in Nevada our personal income tax rate is ZERO…whether you make $50,000 or $50,000,000 you get to keep it all. By the way, our business income tax rate is also zero. Our capital gains tax rate is also zero. Our inheritance tax rate is also zero. And our property taxes are the 16th lowest in America, far lower than California.


Walking across the border from California to Nevada is like leaving Cuba in a small boat headed for Florida. Take a deep breath and smell what’s in the air- FREEDOM.


In Nevada we don’t want to confiscate your money…and then have the nerve to complain that you didn’t let us confiscate enough! In Nevada we believe what’s yours…is YOURS. How refreshing is that?


That could be why in the past decade over 1.3 million non-illegal alien residents have escaped California…and over 1,000,000 new residents have moved into Nevada. You think that’s a coincidence? It’s not. Your citizens have voted with their feet and their assets.


California is a bankrupt insolvent dysfunctional mess. Just like so many actors and actresses in Hollywood- hopeless, helpless, aimless, clueless. Broke with no idea where all the money and promise went.


It’s too late for California. But it’s not too late for you Kim. Escape to Nevada. Just like I did over a decade ago. It’s the best move I’ve ever made for myself and my family (my wife and 4 children).


With the money we saved by no longer paying California taxes, we hired retired teachers as home-school tutors for my oldest daughter Dakota. Today she is a Straight A student at Harvard University.


Today, I can’t even imagine living in California and paying those obscene taxes to those ungrateful people who run California’s government. Kim, here in Las Vegas you can make your $10,000,000 and keep every penny! Or you can double your income to $20,000,000. You still don’t owe us a penny.


In California they run ads saying you make too much money and pay too little taxes. They are implying you are greedy and selfish. There’s no such attitude in Nevada. We actually reward success, ingenuity, creativity, ambition, and work ethic.


Kim Kardashian, I’m inviting you to come to Las Vegas, Nevada- where no one will embarrass, criticize, denigrate, target, or punish you for your success. Come to Nevada- where you’re always welcomed…and your money belongs to YOU!”


P.S. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of America was run like Nevada, instead of like California? Keep that in mind when you enter the voting booth this coming November.