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The latest exciting news from Wayne Allyn Root…

Wayne’s new TV show debuts TONIGHT at 10 PM ET/9 PM Central/7 PM Pacific…

Wayne Allyn Root (aka “the Bad Boy of Conservative Talk”) Announces New Nightly National TV Show “The ROOT Reaction”

Nationally-syndicated radio host and MAGA, America-First warrior Wayne Allyn Root, known as “the Bad Boy of Conservative Talk,” announces he’s expanding his TV presence to seven days a week on Real America’s Voice TV Network.

Root hosts a popular weekend show on the network, “America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root” where Root counts down the most important stories of each week- as chosen by a lifelong conservative patriot and S.O.B. (son of a butcher).

Root now joins Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk and Grant Stinchfield on Real America’s Voice TV with a one hour weeknight show. Titled “The Root Reaction” it will air weeknights starting this Monday April 1st at 10 PM ET/9 CT/7 PM Pacific.

Root says his show will be an “America First, MAGA, in-your-face, heart-pounding, pedal-to-the-medal, balls-to-the-walls, 180 MPH race through the biggest news stories of the day”… with Root hosting with his one-of-a-kind, loud-mouthed, fiery, raw, high-octane reaction to each day’s biggest news stories.

Root describes himself as “if President Donald J. Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Springer and Stephen A. Smith had a baby.” Loud, wild, controversial, unpredictable, entertaining and always telling “raw truth”- no matter who it offends.

Root says his show will feature stories rarely seen on mainstream media, stories that expose the evil of the Deep State, DC Swamp and other enemies of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, freedom, free speech and Judeo-Christian values.

Root brings several unique credentials to television…

Root is a proud S.O.B. (son of a butcher), patriot, conservative warrior and street-fighter from the mean streets of New York. Steve Bannon calls Wayne “the OG (organizer gangster) of the Trump and MAGA movement.”

He’s a friend and frequent opening speaker for President Donald J. Trump. Trump has been a guest on Wayne’s TV and radio shows 14 times.

Root is a businessman and CEO, with an Ivy League degree from Columbia University. He’s a reality TV producer with three hit reality TV shows to his credit. He’s a bestselling author who’s written 16 books – including several #1 national bestsellers in politics and business.

He’s also a lifelong conservative since the age of 3 when he campaigned in his father’s arms for Barry Goldwater.

And perhaps most rare of all, he’s a Jew who took Jesus Christ as his savior 34 years ago.

If you love God, guns, gold, tax cuts, Trump and freedom, you’re gonna love “The Root Reaction.” So, grab your seat belt, buckle up and hold on tightly.

As the famous saying from the John Wick blockbuster movie goes…“If you want peace, prepare for WAR.”

Wayne Allyn Root is your WAR!

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Andrew Paul, VP, GM, Executive Producer

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