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The Liberal Way: The Audacity of Intolerance and Arrogance

By April 13, 2009No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee

You've got to love Barack Obama. He's willing to talk to any
terrorist, murderer or socialist madman in the world. But not
to a member of the opposition here in America. If you stand
for freedom, patriotism, capitalism or entrepreneurship, he has no
interest in talking with you.

President Obama is willing to negotiate or compromise with
anyone in the world- no matter how heinous, vicious, or awful
their past. But no compromise is allowed here in the good 'ole
USA on government spending, bailouts or taxes.

Obama's Democratic friends in Congress have no problem flying to Cuba
to meet with Fidel Castro. This man, a mass murderer who's
held his own people hostage for a half century.

But these same Congressmen won't even cross the aisle to
speak with fellow legislators who believe in patriotism,
capitalism, free markets, or personal responsibility.

Those words are frightening and hateful to liberals.

Liberal Democrats (Obama supporters) aren't even bothering
to hide their extremist views anymore.

Democrats admit being Socialist in latest Rasmussen Poll

A new Rasmussen poll shows big majorities of virtually
every group of Americans, namely Republicans, independents,
investors, middle age Americans, older Americans… are all
supportive of Capitalism versus Socialism.

And not by some small difference, either. Most Americans
support capitalism by margins as big as 11 to 1! On the other
hand, Democrats are just about dead even in their support of
Socialism versus Capitalism.

It seems the cat is out of the bag. Obama and his supporters
are in fact Socialists. They want to socialize America.

You don't have to believe me. Just ask them. Rasmussen did.
Say it out loud- all together now:

Obama is a Socialist.
Democrats are Socialists.
There, doesn't that feel better to get the truth out?

Liberals cheered the death of Ronald Reagan at Columbia University

It was 1981 when a breathless student ran into my political
science class screaming, 'President Reagan has been shot!"
"They've assassinated Reagan!” The reaction from my fellow
classmates? CHEERING. Celebrating. High-fives all around.
The intellectual elite of America were smiling , hugging and
Screaming with glee, “Yes! Reagan is dead!”

How could this happen at this great Ivy League institution?
Simple. Many (if not most) of my classmates were Socialists
and Marxists. They weren't shy about it, either. They openly defended
and praised communist countries and their leaders. What is so
frightening and disturbing is that today my classmates
populate the highest levels of federal government. One of
them sits in the White House. Yes, President Obama
was my college classmate. And he's filled his administration
with our Columbia University classmates- people
that despised capitalism and patriotism so much that they
celebrated the death of Ronald Reagan as if it was New Years Eve.
Diversity at Columbia (and all other Ivy League colleges) ranges from
liberal to Socialist to Marxist. INTOLERANCE defines their very being.

Patriot Glenn Beck of Fox News: Code Red
Now the same liberal Obama crowd is trying to smear an
American patriot named Glenn Beck. Why am I not surprised?

Beck was never considered much of a threat by liberals
when he hosted a show on CNN (some suspect those initials
stand for “Communist News Network”). This all changed when
Beck was hired by Fox News Channel, and his show became one
of the highest-rated television shows in America.

Suddenly the Socialist Threat Rating rose to level red.

Now he's joined Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael
Savage, and Bill O'Reilly at the top of's
“Socialist Most Wanted” list.

I guess being a supporter of Ron Paul or a member of the
Libertarian Party isn't the worst thing you can be anymore.
Remember, a Homeland Security affiliate agency recently
Broadcast an alert to Law Enforcement that having a Libertarian or
Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car was enough to
consider someone a potential terrorist!

First the crime was “Driving while Libertarian.” According to it's now “Driving while listening to conservative talk radio.”
That's right, take the Glenn Beck and the Fox News bumper stickers
off your car immediately. That is, if you don't want to be
labeled a militia member or “domestic terrorist” by government or law

So, what does the small-minded, intolerant, intellectual leftist crowd
have in their 'Rules for Radicals' bag of tricks for Glenn Beck?

Now, Rush Limbaugh doesn't make public appearances, so
the best the liberal radicals could do was talk nasty about him and try
to boycott Florida Orange Juice, one of his sponsors.
(They failed, sales went up!)

But Beck is the new target. Right now, the radical left is blaming Beck for
gun violence in America. Somehow, when he advocates sound fiscal
policy, balanced budgets and lower taxes, Glenn is inspiring hatred and

With the Tea Party protests coming up April 15th, it has been
disclosed that the radical left was planning on infiltrating tax protests
across the country- in particular the event in San Antonio that Beck
was slated to speak at. These radical leftists had plans to try to
embarrass Beck and brand him with some kind of extremist, pro-
violence, revolutionary image.
To avoid controversy, Beck has decided not to speak in San
Antonio, in front of the Alamo, a great symbol of freedom in
America. Sad to hear, but certainly not surprising. Intolerance,
smearing and silencing of dissent is what the radical left does best.

They insist on free speech for themselves, but shout down, or
exclude differing opinions. They claim to be “open-minded,”
but cheer for the assassination of patriots and freedom fighters like
Ronald Reagan. I’m sure they’d cheer for the death of Glenn Beck, Sean
Hannity or Michael Savage too.

Interesting that Obama's ideological buddies in Congress love
Castro, but hate Reagan. Castro imprisoned, tortured and
murdered Cubans he disagreed with. He stole or closed
businesses of his political opponents. By destroying capitalism,
Castro turned back the clock, leaving Cuba in the dark ages.

Reagan would have died to protect the free speech of his
political opponents. Reagan fought to get thousands of Jewish
political prisoners released from the Soviet Union. Reagan was a
hero. Yet Obama’s idealogical friends in Congress celebrate Castro.

The very same people who today complain Glenn Beck and
the rest of talk radio aren't giving President Obama a chance, want to
silence conservative talk radio. They only believe in free speech for their
leftist and Marxist buddies.

It's that infamous liberal double standard.
The reason Libertarians and fiscal conservatives are holding
Tea Parties is because we actually pay our taxes. Isn't it telling that
so many of Obama's picks are tax cheats? It's easy to raise taxes
when you don't pay them yourself.

Fiscal conservatives are mad as hell and protesting because our tax
burden is already far too high. We understand the burden of taxes,
simply because we pay most of them. We understand that to create jobs,
government must allow us to keep more of our own money. Higher taxes
will kill jobs, force small businesses to close, and destroy any chance of a
quick economic recovery.


How dare a fiscal conservative, a hero like Glenn Beck,
speak at a pro-freedom, anti-tax rally. Liberals feel the
need to mobilize, infiltrate the tax rallies, and smear him.
After all, they can't allow anyone a national stage to point out:

* Obama's budgets will triple the national debt.
* Obama has quadrupled the highest deficit under Bush.
* Obama's first budget is larger than all other budgets in the history of America combined- from George Washington to George W. Bush.
* The tax burden for the top income earners in America is already crushing- the top 1% in this country already pay over 30% of the taxes; the top 20% more than 70% of the taxes.

The folks at can't afford to let these facts out.
Free speech must be stifled. What's next? Will Obama
audit your taxes if you say the Pledge of Allegiance in public?

I'll be speaking April 15th at the Las Vegas Tax Day Tea Party.
I predict massive turnouts at Tea Parties across the nation.
It's time to take America back. Back from the intolerant Socialist thugs
that cheered for the death of my hero Ronald Reagan.

To patriot heroes like Glenn Beck I say, “Keep doing
what you're doing.” The Socialist Threat Rating level
has been raised to red because what you're doing is working.
Let's keep the pressure up.

America's anti-tax political revolution has only just begun.
See you at the Tax Day Tea Party rallies.

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book will be released by John Wiley & Sons this July 4th entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” The book is available for pre-sale at For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many media interviews, please visit his web site at: