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The Obama Enemies List — Are You Next?

By September 29, 2011No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Be careful. Be very careful. Obama sees the world as “us versus them.” And he seems to always be trying to punish “them.” If you didn’t vote for Obama, look out — it’s clear that he’s going to try to even the score. He is relentless in trying to punish the groups that he sees as “enemies.” He let that one slip a year ago, when he said in an interview on Hispanic television that anyone who wants to stop illegal immigration is an “enemy.”

Perhaps Obama needs a refresher course on the tragedy of this kind of thinking. As a Jew who lost many relatives in the Holocaust, I remember well the old Holocaust warning: First they came for the Jews and no one said anything…then they came for the mentally disabled and no one said anything…then the gays…then the priests…and eventually when they came for me, there was no one left to say anything.

While Obama has no interest in hurting anyone physically, he certainly is trying to divide us and hurt the finances of people who don’t support him or his policies. In every speech and proposal he seems to divide the country among his voters and…“them.” Are you watching? Are you worried? Are you on the “Obama enemies list?” Word to the wise — start paying attention.

Just days ago Obama spoke to an African American audience and divided the country by race. He exhorted black Americans to “put on their marching shoes” and follow him into battle. Battle? Enemies? What if a Tea Party leader (like me) asked white voters to vote a certain way based on race? Would the media let it slide, or would the Tea Partier be called a racist? What if a Tea Party leader described an election as a “battle?” Would he be accused of inciting a civil war? What if this kind of rhetoric by Obama incites a supporter to hurt or kill someone? Will the media hold Obama accountable?

What if a conservative political leader said the same thing as union leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. — “Let’s take these sons of bit__es out!” Would the media ignore or downplay this kind of statement coming from the right? What exactly did Hoffa mean by “take them out?” Did he mean kill them? Hunt them down and hang them? Or perhaps break their legs, as union goons have a history of doing? Why didn’t Obama publicly criticize Hoffa, or question his intent? Instead Obama was not only silent, he was soon busy dividing the nation by race, and using war analogies.

But let’s put aside Obama’s words for the moment. What about Obama’s actions? Are his proposals and policies intended to purposely punish his opponents…aka “enemies?” It sure seems that way. Is it pure coincidence that Obama never proposes a tax increase or spending cut that would affect his voters — the poor,  union members, government employees, blacks, or Hispanics. Those groups are untouchable to Obama. In Obama’s America do we now have untouchables like India? In Obama’s world can we ever cut spending on union members, government employees, or minorities? Are Obama’s voters “off limits?”

Obama’s proposals always just happen to be aimed squarely at his political enemies — small business owners (massive taxes aimed at job creators), high income earners (Obama wants to take the income cap off FICA taxes), homeowners (eliminate or drastically reduce mortgage deductions), churchgoers (eliminate or drastically reduce charitable deductions), stock investors (new Obamacare taxes on stock sales), Tea Party members, and now the latest Obama enemies — veterans.

Have you heard about the new proposals aimed at veterans that Obama snuck into his new deficit reduction plans? Obama quietly snuck in provisions to increase the retirement age and dramatically reduce pensions, benefits and health care expenditures for veterans.  While some of those proposals should be in the national discussion, I’d ask why now? Why that group? Why not propose the same kind of reform and cuts for government employees? For seniors? For green energy?

The answer is simple. Obama loves to say “it’s just math.” What he really means is that it’s cynical political and electoral math. Obama’s pollsters certainly know that veterans are bitter opponents of Obama.

Ever talk to a military man? I’ve never spoken in-depth to one military vet who had anything nice to say about Obama. Not one. Do you suppose Obama knows that? He most certainly knows he can afford to anger that group, without affecting his re-election in the slightest. Obama knows he has nothing to lose with vets — they already seethe with anger towards him. This is how Obama treats his “enemies.” As Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky would say–the ends justify the means. The not-so-subtle message to Obama opponents: Dare oppose Obama and risk your comfortable retirement.

But vets should be honored to join a long Obama enemies list – the wealthy, small business owners, homeowners, suburbanites, gun owners, church-goers, stock investors, and Tea Partiers. Those groups are very much against Obama. Result? Every Obama tax increase or “cut” just happens to be aimed at that “enemies list.” Obama makes it crystal clear who he is marching into battle against.

Obama has divided America into enemies and friends. Black and white. Rich and poor. Unions versus private sector. Business owners, stockholders, and homeowners versus those who can’t afford to own. Veterans and patriots versus America apologizers. Sad. Disgusting. Disturbing.

Which list are you on? It’s time to pay attention. Perhaps it’s time to start speaking out, before everyone is afraid to speak out. Who is Obama coming for next?

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: