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The Obama Great Depression: Why There Will Be No Jobs.

By January 24, 2011No Comments
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The Community-Organizer-in-Chief Forms Unholy Alliance Between Big Brother and Big Business

Poor Obama. He just has no idea how to create a job. He’s changed strategy by 180 degrees…and he’s still grasping at straws. That’s what happens when you hire a community organizer as President. Obama’s previous experience at creating jobs was to extort them in protests against big corporations. But that approach doesn‘t work when you’re President. The President can’t count “jobs extorted.” That is why poor Obama is grasping at straws.

The first desperate act of Obama’s Presidency was to play the socialism card. He thought if government took control over vast swaths of industry — banking, autos, student loans, and healthcare — that would create jobs. Instead job losses accelerated. Then Obama guessed that if government threw large sums of money into job creation that would certainly solve the problem. He soon found that any job created by government costs obscene amounts of money and actually takes a job (or two) away from the private sector.

Then he gave a huge welfare payment disguised as a “tax cut” to his voters — people that never created a job or paid taxes. That added more debt, but didn't create one job. Next there was a jobs bill that created exactly -0- jobs. Then there were multiple attempts at massive tax hikes. No dice. The American people were repelled. Worse, American business reacted to the uncertainty by killing more jobs, or shipping them overseas — where taxes are lower. The community organizer was stumped.

Back to work organizing more nasty, socialist, job-killing bills such as Obamacare, Cap and Trade, and Card Check. You gotta love Obama’s enthusiasm for unions. Card Check makes it easy to unionize the entire country — even small businesses with 5 employees. Why not? After all, the states with the highest number of union members all lead the country in moving vans leaving the state. And of course we all know how well unions worked out for the automakers, U.S. Postal Service, and government-run public schools. But hey, the desperate community organizer was running out of options.

For good measure Obama threw in lots of sermons to demonize business. That backfired. Unemployment went up, the American people (who are employed by business) got angry, and Obama’s Democratic Party suffered the worst landslide in modern political history.

So, now poor desperate Obama had to re-organize (kind of like a bankruptcy). The marxists, union organizers, lawyers, and Ivy League eggheads he appointed to every level of government weren’t working. So he changed direction 180 degrees — Obama embraced business. Or so the lefty media tried to convince us. But Obama hasn’t embraced business. He has embraced BIG BUSINESS…i.e. corporate America. He has sold out to the biggest companies in America at the expense of small business. He has brought in the CEO of GE and the Daley family to run things. That’s like putting the mob in charge of an entire city. That didn’t work out so well in Chicago. But hey, it’s the only trick Obama has left.

Hiring William Daley may make Wall Street smile, but it won’t create one job on Main Street. He’s the son of the royal family of Chicago. They’ve never created a job in their lives — they’ve taxed, extorted, and zoned in return for favors and money. Daley is a $10 million per year Wall Street big shot. He knows as much about creating jobs on Main Street as the old King of England. And as far as Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of GE who now heads Obama’s Economic Council…he’s merely along for the ride so he can arm twist the community-organizer-in-chief for another few hundred billion dollars in stimulus funds and solar energy tax breaks for GE.

Here’s the brutal reality. The great community organizer has in fact joined hands with big business in an unholy alliance that will destroy even more jobs. I have nothing against big business. In fact, I love capitalism. But nothing is more dangerous for society than crony capitalism. The alliance of big business in bed with big government distorts capitalism. Together this group’s goal is to create more laws, rules and regulations that destroy the ability of any small business to survive, so that big business holds the monopoly (and all the special interest tax breaks). They want only multi-national companies with armies of lawyers, lobbyists and accountants to survive — a world where the only employers are big government and big business. They want a hybrid of socialism mixed with fascism– a form of corporatism.

Poor desperate Obama has chosen the wrong path once again. America is built on a foundation of small business. Most of the taxes and jobs are created by small business and small entrepreneurial start-ups. Seventy percent or more of new jobs are created by mom and pop businesses. Since 1980 not one net job has been created by big business- the entire increase of net jobs was created by companies with 200 or fewer employees. Yet Obama has now morphed Big Brother with big business to “save the economy.” Remember when Obama talked of "saving jobs." That didn't work out too well either. Every time our President mentions "saving us" we should run the other way.

Desperate people make bad choices. Obama has chosen a path to power, not a path to economic recovery. He may have helped his chances of re-election, but I fear he has dealt one final deathblow to the economy. There will be few new jobs in this Obama Great Depression.