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The Party That Booed God

By September 6, 2012No Comments
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As published at Glenn Beck’s on Thursday 9/6/12

By Wayne Allyn Root

I have good news and bad news for the Democratic Party. The good news is that former President Bill Clinton gave a masterful speech last night. The bad news is…he isn’t running. The really bad news is that no one will remember Bill Clinton’s speech by tomorrow, let alone a month or two from now. They never do.

What they will remember (if the GOP does its job) is that the Democratic Party booed God. No, I’m not kidding. Wednesday began in chaos and disarray for the Democrats. Their radical platform committee removed all reference to God in the Democrratic platform. Yes, I said ALL references to God. As in “all.” As in “God is not welcome in the Democratic Party.” As in “God is persona non grata in these parts.” As in “Who needs God when we have the Messiah (aka Obama).”

As a side note, these same geniuses who either hate God, or are embarrassed by the mere mention of His name, also removed much of the support for Israel that has been in the Democrat platform for about 60 years. They even deleted from the platform the Democrat Party’s longtime support of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel- something that has had bi-partison support for half a century in America. Smart move, slick.

Sometime on Wednesday morning, panic set in when the head honchos of Team Obama…who also despise God and can’t stand Israel…but who understand sales, marketing and branding…realized what had happened and threw up their breakfast. That moment of intense stomach distress might possibly have coincided with the moment when distinguished Harvard Law Professor (aka “the Democrats’ brain”) Alan Dershowitz berated the Democratic Party for becoming the first major political party in the history of the U.S. to abandon Israel. Now panic really set in. The media reported that Obama himself made desperate calls to change the platform. He must have realized that without God added back to the platform, his campaign for re-election was dead- before he even stepped on the stage for his Thursday acceptance speech.

Desperation set in. Plans were hatched by Team Obama. The cry rang out, “Bring in Antonio Villaraigosa.” So the Mayor of L.A. (aka “the Democrat hatchet man”) got up on the podium with instructions to ram through a platform change- whether the delegates passed it, or not. These are the things you do in panic and desperation, with the Presidency of the United States hanging in the balance. Obama and Axelrod knew the entire campaign was dead on arrival if God and Israel were not put back in the platform. I’m betting at this point they were on their knees praying for divine intervention.

Even Obama and Axelrod know that you can attack the rich, demonize business owners, and add $5 trillion in debt in only 3 1/2 years…but you can’t diss God and survive in American politics. God isn’t the third rail of American politics- He’s the train itself.

Next we got a good look at the real hearts and minds of rank and file Democrats. The Democratic delegates didn’t want God or Jerusalem inserted back into the platform. By voice vote it was clearly a 50/50 split. Meaning fully half the people in the room were voting against re-inserting God into the Godless Democratic platform. Really? Oh my God.

TV cameras showed close-ups of Democratic delegates with “Palestinians for Obama” signs. They were shouting out their displeasure of the mere mention of Israel. If looks could kill, both God and Israel would be in danger in this crowd.

So Mayor Villaraigosa, tasked with passing a vote for God, no matter the delegates wishes, and hearing loads of dissent, asked for a re-vote. Keep in mind a platform change like this requires a 2/3rd majority. When he heard an even voice vote…he looked stunned, frightened, and confused. So Villaraigosa asked for a 3rd re-vote, as if voting again and again would change what he heard. Again it sounded dead even.

The Obama Presidency hung in the balance. And I’d guess so did a Villaraigosa cabinet appointment. So the Democrat’s hatchet man did the dirty deed. He went ahead and declared the new platform planks approved by a phantom 2/3rds majority. God was back in the Democratic platform!

The reaction was tragic for Democrats. The crowd booed loudly. The Democrats were booing God! Not just God, but Israel too. If you don’t believe me, just ask “the Palestinians for Obama.” There is room for thousands of delegates at the Democratic Convention. Tens of thousands including the media. But on Wednesday the radical Democratic Party made it clear there is no room for God.

When Clint Eastwood put that empty chair out on the stage, who knew it was symbolic of the empty seat for God at the Democratic Party Presidential Convention?

Politics is about “Dukakis riding the tank” moments. Voters don’t remember speeches. They remember images. The Democratic Party created the worst image in modern political history on Wednesday.

The Democrats are “The Party That Booed God.”

That’s the image that will sink the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Wayne Allyn Root is a REAGAN Libertarian, Capitalist Evangelist, and serial entrepreneur. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: