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The Silence of the Lambs

By September 13, 2011No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee



President Obama delivered a masterful and forceful speech on jobs last week. He must think we are all lambs, sheeple, or complete idiots. He must be counting on business owners being as ignorant as the traditional Obama voters who cry at his rallies and gush to the camera, “Now I’ll never have to worry about paying rent, or putting gas in my car.” He must assume we are so naïve that we have forgotten or forgiven all Obama has done to demonize and punish business owners, and damage our businesses.



Obama must think we work so hard, we have no time to read the news. He must think that he can fool all the people, all the time. He must think we listen to what a man says, but we ignore what he does. He must be hoping we’ll all remain silent, while he redistributes our money, targets and punishes business owners, destroys the U.S. economy, and poisons capitalism. He is counting on “the Silence of the Lambs.”


But I won’t be silenced. Neither will over 30,000,000 American small business owners. We aren’t lambs, or sheeple, or complete fools. You can fool some of the people Mr. Obama, but not all of the people. Some of us watch what you do, not what you say. Count business owners as your opposition.


Obama gave a flowery speech about creating jobs; cutting taxes; rewarding small business; giving us all apple pie and saving motherhood, but business owners across America understand Obama’s idea of a “tax cut” is raising taxes on the job creators and business owners to hand welfare checks to his voters, who pay no taxes and create no jobs. We know that his version of “it’s already paid for” means massive new tax increases on us- the producer class- while the fake spending cuts are put off into the distant future. With Obama it’s always about punishing the top 2% to bribe the masses. That’s how you get elected and re-elected. By making the masses hopeless, helpless, clueless, and desperately dependent on government handouts. By stealing from the rich to redistribute to the Obama voters.


So while Obama was talking so beautifully about creating jobs and saving the economy…you know, the same economy he has wrecked, crippled, and almost completely destroyed for almost 3 years now…let’s take a look at what he was actually doing to ruin the economy:


*All across America government agents were busy closing down lemonade stands run by 4 year olds, because they had no government license.


*Farms were being raided by SWAT teams, for “the crime” of selling raw milk. How’s that strike you for encouraging job creation?


*Gibson Guitar’s Nashville factory, employing over 2000 Americans, was raided by government agents and SWAT teams with guns drawn for “the crime” of importing wood from Madagascar that supposedly wasn’t properly treated by Madagascar citizens. Yes, you heard correctly. We just cost America’s finest guitar manufacturer $1,000,000 in lost productivity, plus millions in legal fees, to enforce a law that might have been broken in a foreign country. This from a President that wonders why American business won’t create jobs?


Maybe it’s because he is killing them from sea to shining sea. Maybe if Obama wasn’t so busy sending SWAT teams with automatic weapons into our businesses, American business owners might have more spare time to create a job or two.


*In South Carolina, Obama’s National Labor Relations Board just made an unprecedented decision to kill a new non union plant, thereby costing jobs in favor of Obama’s union contributors.


*In my hometown of Las Vegas, Obama’s union goon buddies are engaged in a harassment campaign against major Las Vegas employer Station Casinos and their successful company UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for “the crime” of remaining non union. The Culinary Union is trying to kill business (and jobs) for a company (UFC) that contributes $100MM in economic impact to the Vegas economy. Worse they are targeting convention clients, banks, sandwich shops, even entertainers- literally anyone who does business with Station Casinos in an effort to intimidate and unionize their workforce.


*Obama’s National Labor Relations Board recently announced new regulations forcing every small business in America to post rules for unionization and collective bargaining on their walls. This is the most radical attempt in U.S. labor history to damage and unionize small business.


*Obama has instituted new rules that, for intents and purposes, give amnesty to illegal immigrants, hoping of course they all become future Democratic voters.


The message from this administration is clear: conduct business legally in the private sector and you’ll be harassed by the IRS, or union goons, or perhaps raided by federal agents and SWAT teams with automatic weapons.


But come to America illegally and bankrupt taxpayers by using food stamps, welfare, aid to dependent children, housing allowances, free meals at school, and of course free medical and education for your kids, and Obama welcomes you with open arms.


Forget what Obama says. We all know what he does. He thinks we are all lambs, sheeple and fools. He is counting on our silence.


But the Silence of the Lambs is over. We either speak up, or we lose our businesses and our homes. We lose the American Dream. We lose capitalism- forever. Business owners understand the disdain Obama has for the private sector. We understand the battle we are in versus Mr. Obama. It is the battle of our lives.


And that is why there will be no new jobs, as long as Obama is in the White House.





Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: