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The Tea Party Phenomenon- Why We’re Angry!

By April 19, 2010No Comments
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The Rise of the A.A.R.P: Americans Against Rotten Politicians

Why Big Government Politicians Are Desperate and Hysterical

Have you seen the hysterical, slanderous headlines about Tea Parties from the big government leftist-biased media? Why is this happening? Simple- the D.C. cabal of politicians, bureaucrats, unions, lawyers and lobbyists are hysterical and frightened of losing their jobs and power. They are on the run and growing more desperate by the day. They have read "the tea leaves" (excuse the pun) and they realize the gravy train is over. The citizen revolution predicted 18 months ago in my book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts” has begun in earnest. The taxpayers and patriots are taking back their country.

The A.A.R.P. (American Association of Retired Persons) may have sold out to Obama and big government. But the real A.A.R.P. is on the rise- Americans Against Rotten Politicians. We don’t have violent revolutions in America. The people who attend Tea Party rallies don’t condone threats or violence. They only want to VETO the politicians who are robbing the taxpayers (Vote Everyone of Them Out). And for good measure, we want to indict a few of them too. And that’s precisely what has the big government cabal in D.C. so frightened- the rebels and peasants with pitchforks are at the door.

For the first time ever, we clearly understand what’s being done to us. We watched in disbelief as last weekend Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid led a rally in Las Vegas for illegal immigrants, while at the same time vilifying Tea Parties filled with patriots, taxpayers, homeowners, small business owners, veterans, parents and grandparents. Obama, Reid and Pelosi (the Axis of Taxes) have the gall to denounce the people who obeyed the laws, paid their taxes, risked their money to start businesses and create jobs, and fought for their country…while openly praising, celebrating, and promising to reward illegal aliens. Why? It’s quite simply bribery in return for votes. This is how big government politicians divide and conquer.

Does this mean the citizen revolution is anti-immigrant? No, not at all. We recognize the tremendous contributions many legal immigrants make to this country. In my book I’ve written extensively about ways to open up immigration. The right kind of immigration can solve our country’s economic problems. But allowing any immigration should start and end with one issue- banning any immigrant from government entitlements and handouts. But how can anyone not see the absurdity of this comparison above? Who in there right mind would punish, vilify and denigrate Americans who have done everything the right way, and reward those who have come here illegally and pushed the nation’s hospitals, schools and government to the brink of bankruptcy? This is sheer madness.

Our eyes are now wide open as leftist big-government politicians try to damage and demoralize taxpayers and small business owners (the people that contribute to fiscally conservative candidates), in order to reward Democratic voters- who expect no taxes, zero responsibility and free handouts from government. Obama called it "spreading the wealth." Karl Marx would be proud. And the New York Times questions why Tea Partiers are angry? This isn’t just insanity- it’s insanity SQUARED.

Former President Bill Clinton, ranting and raving about Tea Parties being racist, spewing hate, and “setting the stage for violence in this country” is a sign of the desperation of the political class. The more hysterical their criticisms, the more obvious it is how panicked they’ve become. The Tea Parties have awakened the victims of big government theft. That's the story the New York Times is afraid to cover. Yes the supporters of Tea Parties are more educated and have higher incomes than the rest of America (as the N.Y. times study just reported). But that's precisely why they are so angry. They are the very groups being punished, vilified, and taxed out of existence to pay for entitlements and handouts to Obama’s voters, that are little more than vote buying schemes.

We are living in interesting times, as the famous Chinese proverb goes. These times mirror the pre-American Revolution days. I’m certain that the desperate rantings and warnings of the King of England in 1776 sounded just like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and Reid. I’m certain the newspapers of the day in England sounded just like the New York Times does today. And, just like today, the more articles and hysterical pronouncements from the King and his court, the stronger the sign that the revolution was succeeding and spreading. Politicians are quite simply in shock and denial that their long-term fraud has been discovered.

“Business as usual” is over in D.C. The end is fast approaching for the big government cabal of politicians, bureaucrats, government employee unions, lobbyists, and lawyers. And, if you think as a Republican politician you can get away with supporting earmarks, bailouts, stimulus, or tax increases by simply pointing your finger at others, watch out- you’re going down too! V.E.T.O. is aimed at every incumbent and career politician that believes in big government- Democrat or Republican. The Americans Against Rotten Politicians are now taking control.