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Three Cheers for the Greatest Nation on Earth…Is it Canada or Australia?

By April 11, 2012No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


How did it happen? Under Obama, America is following the European Socialist model of big government, big spending, big entitlements, big taxes, free healthcare, and billions wasted chasing a mirage called “green energy.” The result is massive debt, insolvency and bankruptcy. We are a nation in decline, much like the old Soviet Union before its collapse. Obama has taken an America that used to be the pride of the world and turned it into a creaking 100-year old building that must be evacuated before someone gets hurt.


Meanwhile Canada, our neighbor up north, and Australia, on the opposite side of the world, that we’ve treated as our weak, goofy cousins, have followed the American model of capitalism, free markets, and fiscal conservatism. They aren’t modeling Europe, they’re modeling Reagan.


The results are worth noting. Canada and Australia are booming. America is in free fall.


Is it any wonder? Obama calls cutting spending in the face of economic disaster “radical.”  He calls tax cuts to spur the economy “reckless.” He calls massive tax increases for those already paying most of the taxes “fair.” He hysterically claims that the GOP budget (which doesn’t cut nearly enough) would force the closure of “hundreds of national parks.” Note to Obama — we have only 58 national parks. This is our leader. The world is laughing.


In Canada, the governing party (Conservatives) just pledged to balance the budget by 2015 without raising taxes. Canada is taking the right actions- lower taxes, free trade, cutting the size of government, cutting government employees, cutting debt, and balancing the budget.


Canada and Australia are brilliantly capitalizing on their natural resources. They celebrate oil and mineral exploration and energy production. The insane inmates (environmentalists) are not running the asylum. They are streamlining regulations, not adding an ever increasing regulatory burden that makes it all but impossible to drill for oil, build a refinery, launch a new business, or expand an existing one.


Compare this to Obama who at one time banned offshore drilling, has made the drilling permit process far more difficult, rejected the Keystone pipeline (from Canada), and supports new EPA guidelines that will bankrupt every coal plant in America. He is purposely driving up gas prices and energy bills while running for a second term.  His Secretary of Energy has stated he wants $10 per gallon gas and Obama, himself once said utility bills must skyrocket. How truly insane will his actions be when he is serving a second term, with no need to ever face the voters again?


Canada is raising the age for their version of Social Security from 65 to 67, with the ability to defer payments for a larger check down the road. They are acting, thinking and governing like the capitalist, free market, fiscally conservative America I once knew and loved. Like a Reagan.


That’s not my opinion. Just look at the Index of Economic Freedom. America was at the top for many years. We’ve fallen to #10 and we’re dropping like a rock. Australia is #3…and Canada has moved up to #6 (and rising fast). For Canada and Australia, it’s “morning in America.” Can you imagine?


But here in our country, it’s “mourning in America.” I no longer recognize Obama’s America that has 57 states (his words) and hundreds of national parks (his words). I no longer recognize an America that gives amnesty to illegal immigrants, while suing Arizona for enforcing U.S. immigration law.


I no longer recognize an America that gives weapons to Mexican drug gangs, while trying to disarm law-abiding American citizens. I no longer recognize an America that tries to target, hunt, demonize and punish successful taxpayers, while rewarding those that don’t want to work.


I don’t recognize an America that requires me to show I.D. to board a plane, buy a bottle of water, take an S.A.T. exam, buy alcohol, pay a doctor, check into a hotel, or walk into a government building, but calls it racist to demand I.D. to vote.


This is an America led by a man thinking like a foreigner, preaching foreign concepts, speaking a foreign language of Marxism and income redistribution that I cannot understand. I wasn’t surprised when Obama leaned over to whisper to Russian President Medvedev (unaware the microphone was on) and said that he would take care of Russia after the election, when he’d have “more flexibility.” I was actually surprised Obama did not whisper his “sweet nothings” in fluent Russian.


Today I’m in love with those countries that remind me of everything I believe in- Canada, Oh Canada, and Australia, Land of the Free…countries that remind me of America, the (once) Beautiful.