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By Wayne Allyn Root

First of all, remember me? I’m the first guy in America (back in January 2021) to recommend President Trump as the next GOP House Speaker, if the GOP won the 2022 midterms. I was 100% right.


I wish Trump would have listened.

I started the ball rolling. After I wrote that column…and announced it on my national radio and TV shows…Steve Bannon mentioned it in a speech two weeks later. Next, the media started talking about it. Soon the whole world was discussing and debating my idea.

President Trump is a regular guest on my TV and radio shows. Several times on my “Real America’s Voice” TV show in 2021 and 2022 I urged him, face to face, to run for House Speaker. It just wasn’t his cup of tea.

I also urged Trump to dump Kevin McCarthy. He wouldn’t do it. I told President Trump that McCarthy is a DC Swamp rat and backstabber. Trump said, “So is everyone else in DC.” Good point.


What’s the saying? “If you want a friend in DC…get a dog!”

Nonetheless, I had one heck of an idea. Trump should have been the House Speaker for the past year. He is the man to unite the GOP. He is the man to lead the impeachment of Biden. And to lead the fight against open borders. And to stop the corrupt funding for the Ukraine war. Why are we fighting the invasion of their border, when we are doing nothing about the invasion of our border?

Most importantly, I trust no House Speaker to actually support Trump for President in 2024. House Speaker Trump is the only one I trust to support Presidential candidate Trump.

Never forget McCarthy and McConnell actively funded and supported all the RINO candidates and backstabbed all the MAGA candidates in the 2022 midterms. They actively worked against our pro-Trump, America-First candidates. You know what you call that? TRAITOR.

So, good riddance to McCarthy. Don’t let the door hit you in the a–s on the way out. Get lost. You’re finished. Adios. In the words of Trump, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Bravo and congratulations to Congressman Matt Gaetz.

But I have another brainstorm…


I’d like to propose Trump as House Speaker- again.

Boy, would that move make liberal and RINO heads explode. Boy, would the media go insane. Trump would be once again the center of attention of the entire world. And add another notch to his belt. They’d call it, “the greatest comeback ever.” And then after it leads to his re-election as President in 2024, he could step down as Speaker to take over the Presidency.

But alas, I know it’s just a dream. We all know Trump is busy fending off Gestapo-like government attacks; nonstop court cases; and of course, his presidential campaign. We all know he doesn’t want to be Speaker. But that’s okay. Because here’s my best idea EVER…


Whether he wants it, or not, lets hold an official on-the-record vote for Donald J. Trump as House Speaker.

Why is this important? Because this is how we expose every RINO backstabbing loser in the House and defeat them all in 2024.

Think about the beauty of this idea. Trump needs to be nominated for House Speaker, and we hold the official vote. Whether he wants it, or not. Put every GOP Congressman officially on-the-record.


Let’s see who votes for Trump, and against.

Use this vote to flush out the RINOS, “Never Trumpers,” backstabbers and traitors who stand in the way of our MAGA and America-First agenda. Then primary them all!

Trump getting elected as President in 2024 is only a partial victory…a great start. But without a Trump-like, MAGA, America-First House majority, we can’t “fundamentally change America.” We can’t turn this terrible economy around. We can’t save the middle class. We can’t make America great again- again.

We need a truly conservative MAGA, America-First GOP House majority. This is how we make it happen. This is how we “out” the posers, pretenders and sell-outs. We make them show their true colors.

If they vote against Trump, we primary them and end their careers. We get not only President Trump, but a whole Congress of Trumps to support him.

But if by chance, GOP Congressmen and women are forced by my idea to all vote for Trump (in order to protect their careers), well then Trump is the new House Speaker. If he wants it.

Think of what Trump could do as Speaker? Stop any increase in the debt ceiling. Defund the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS, Dept. of Education, and of course “the border czar” Kamala Harris.


That’s what I call a WIN-WIN for the GOP and America.

So, Team Trump, MAGA, and America-First…80 million strong… it’s time to call your Congressperson and demand an official on-the-record vote for Donald J. Trump for House Speaker. Start dialing!