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By Wayne Allyn Root

Back in the 1980s, I was a Columbia University student learning about a plan to destroy America and end capitalism. It was called Cloward-Piven- named after a Columbia University husband-wife professor team. Their insane goal was to turn America into a socialist/communist hellhole.

They planned to do it by overwhelming and collapsing the US economy with massive debt, created by getting as many Americans as possible on welfare, food stamps and unemployment. In the ensuing economic catastrophe and collapse of our country, every business owner would get on their knees to beg government to save them.

At that moment of crisis and chaos, we would become a socialist/communist country.

Don’t look now, but it’s happening. The communists of Columbia (and every other elitist Ivy League school) have tried for decades to force a majority of Americans on welfare. They failed. But they won’t give up. They’ve modified the plan. It’s now a powerful one-two punch.

First, they’ve opened the borders to let millions of illegal aliens into this country – almost all of whom want cradle to grave welfare. Also, don’t forget they all need free healthcare for themselves and their kids, and their new babies, and their extended families. That alone could overwhelm the system and collapse the economy. That’s before welfare and food stamps. And then there’s free public school for all their children and expensive English-as-a-second-language programs that cost billions of dollars, but make teachers unions filthy rich.

Open borders is Cloward Piven- updated for 2021. And as the greatest bonus ever, Democrats know these millions of foreigners will loyally vote for the party who let them in, and then promises to give them the biggest welfare checks. These are lifetime Democrat voters.

But there is now a powerful Part Deux to Cloward-Piven. Democrats aren’t content to just welcome tens of millions of foreign welfare addicts into the USA. They also want to make tens of millions of American-born citizens unemployed and dependent on government too.

So, Part Deux of Cloward-Piven is the Vaccine Mandates.

These Covid vaccine mandates are destroying the country, creating chaos, crisis and division. They are wiping out the ranks of the police, fire, paramedics, nurses, prison guards, border patrol and military. Our middle class is being ripped to shreds. These frontline heroes and defenders don’t want this dangerous, experimental, for-emergency-use-only jab. There will soon be no one to answer your 9-1-1 call. The police will be defunded- without voters ever getting a vote.

The military will be left weak and crippled. Wanna bet China is directing this plan? We all know China owns Biden and his family. Biden is serving up the country on a platter to China.

The vaccine mandates also make the supply chain problems much worse. Truck drivers don’t want the jab. They’re quitting in droves. Jet pilots don’t want the jab. They’re on strike now- ask Southwest and American Airlines why thousands of flights were grounded recently. If these pilots are fired, the tourism industry will be devastated. Shipping cargo by air will be devastated. Without pilots and truckers, food and supplies won’t make it to stores. Shelves will be empty- just like the old communist Soviet Union. Coincidence?

Like I said, this is a communist takeover of the USA. Empty shelves are the hallmark of communism.

And then there’s the economy. If vaccine passports are mandated, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, retail stores will be crushed. Doubt me? Scotland’s Hotel Association just announced a 40% drop in business from the vaccine passport. New York City’s restaurants have announced the same size drop in business.

Without the spending of tens of millions of my fellow Americans who choose to be unvaccinated, businesses will close by the millions. The economy will collapse.

This is Cloward-Piven. It’s real. It’s happening. Democrats are purposely destroying and collapsing the economy. They’re “defunding the American Middle Class.”

It’s time to fight back HARD. It’s time to stop turning the other cheek. My new bestselling book, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” lays out the only possible strategy for conservative patriots- CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, the strategy of Dr. Martin Luther King. We have to hit these socialist/communist traitors and madmen squarely where it hurts- in the pocketbook with national protests, strikes, boycotts and acts of civil disobedience. We must bankrupt them and bring them to their knees begging for forgiveness. Two can play at this game.

The choice is clear- we either resist, or we lose America, our jobs, our careers, our middle-class quality of life, our health, everything that made America great. It’s time to fight like animals, fight like it’s the end of America, fight like our lives and the lives of our children are at stake…

Because they are.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s new #1 bestselling book is out, “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book.”Wayne is host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST and the “WAR RAW” podcast. To find out more about Wayne Allyn Root and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at