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By Wayne Allyn Root


Once again the biased leftist mainstream media have abandoned all pretense of honest reporting and serious investigative journalism. They are missing the story of the year. A story of government over-reach, potential corruption, theft and malfeasance. Throw in the involvement of the United States Senate Majority Leader and there are Pulitzer Prizes to be won.


Let’s start with the siege itself. Are you aware a militarized government assault (including snipers, SUV’s, helicopters, airplanes, “no fly zones” and “free speech areas”) took place against a hardworking, taxpaying Nevada ranch family…and it barely made the national news?


Here’s an interesting question. What if the federal government attacked a black church? What if the black minister was tasered? What if his son was brutally beaten and arrested for merely taking photos of the attack on his own land? What is the minister’s cancer-survivor wife was shoved to the ground by the invading force? What if snipers were lined up around the church aiming at black protestors? What if a local politician said “any citizens who come to defend these people better make funeral plans”?


What if the assault on the black church involved even the possibility of a U.S. Senator trying to steal the land under the church for a $5 billion Chinese Solar project (whose attorney was the Senator’s son)? 


If this story involved a black church, would the national media ignore it?


I’d bet my entire life savings that this would be the lead story on every newscast in the country. I’m betting it would have supplanted the missing Malaysian airliner story. I’m betting that CNN’s Anderson Cooper would hosted his show live 24/7 from the black church. I’m betting it would have been on the front page of the NY Times for a week. I’m betting Al Sharpton would have stopped being a government informant for at least a week, while he planned a million man march on Washington DC.


Don’t look now but this federal assault just happened. Yes, the assault on the Bundy ranch has ended. The government has backed down. But the story is far from over.


Why isn’t this story the leading headline across the country? Is it because it happened to a white, conservative, Mormon ranching family in the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas? Is that why the biased leftist mainstream media doesn’t care?


Amazingly, an elected Clark County Commissioner actually threatened protestors with “making funeral plans.” 


The hard-working, taxpaying Nevada ranching family were in fact attacked, tasered, beaten and arrested.


Even more amazing, many reports indicate a U.S. Senator- Nevada’s own Harry Reid- was at the root of this federal assault on the Bundy ranch. Will the media investigate Reid’s involvement in this assault?


Will the media investigate the connection between this assault on the Bundy ranch and the fact that Harry Reid’s former senior political advisor Neil Kornze is now the Director of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).


Will the media investigate if this desperate desire by the BLM to steal the land in the Bundy family for 140 years had a connection to a $5 billion dollar Chinese solar project, whose lead attorney is Harry Reid’s son Rory Reid?


Will the media investigate a public BLM document deleted from web site clearly explaining the desire to take Bundy’s land for a Chinese solar project.



Will the media investigate why the government seemed to have no interest in backing down from a confrontation escalating out of control, yet quickly changed course and decided to walk away only hours after Senator Harry Reid’s name surfaced in connection with the seige? Strange coincidence, don’t you think?


Will the media investigate why, if the protection of the desert tortoise was so important to the BLM, why did the same BLM kill hundreds of desert tortoises last Fall? Yes, our government killed the very same turtles they claim to now be “protecting.”


Will the media investigate why, if protecting these tortoises was so important, why has the BLM constantly waived rules protecting the tortoise for multiple solar and wind projects favored by Harry Reid? 


Will the media investigate why there were “rendering trucks” present at the assault? Rendering trucks (for all you city folk) are for carting away dead cattle. Will the media ask BLM officials why the government would spend millions of our taxpayer dollars to kill cattle in the name of protecting turtles?


Will the media investigate reports that the land around the Bundy ranch is suddenly attractive land for fracking leases by billion dollar oil companies? Were BLM officials promised lucrative kickbacks by Senator Reid, the Chinese solar company, or billion dollar oil companies to steal that land from the Bundy family?


Will the national media investigate and report on Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins threatening protestors to “make funeral plans”? Isn’t this a clear case of a terrorist threat made by an elected official?


This story is far from over. Something smells very rotten in Nevada. If only the mainstream media would bother to investigate potential fraud and theft by the U.S. government and the involvement of the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, there are Pulitzer Prizes awaiting.