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Wayne Allyn Root to Speak at Nevada Tax Day Tea Party

By April 14, 2009No Comments
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Las Vegas, NV—April 13, 2009– 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root will address the crowd at the Las Vegas, Nevada Tax Day Tea Party on Wednesday, April 15th. The event has been organized and sponsored by TEA (Taxed Enough Already) and Citizen Outreach Foundation. Root is a regular guest and political commentator on FOX News, FOX Business Network, and nationally syndicated radio talk shows such as “Savage Nation” with host Michael Savage, “The Jerry Doyle Show” and “The Mancow Show” with host Mancow Muller. Root is also the author of a new book coming out on July 4th entitled:
“The Conscience of a Libertarian:
Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling, School Choice & Tax Cut!”

The Nevada Tea Party rally will be held from Noon to 2 PM (with protest march afterwards) at Sunset Park in Henderson, NV (Eastern Ave & Sunset near the airport). Root will address the crowd at 1:30 PM. Other speakers include Herman Caine, former Chairman of Godfather’s Pizza, author, FOX News business commentator, and conservative talk radio host. Susane Crawford, the Tax Day TEA Party Director will host the event.

Root said of the event, “Up until now liberal causes have dominated protests in the USA. Do you know why? Because conservatives work for a living. We’re too busy running our own businesses and can’t afford to take time off to protest. It’s precisely the same reason that talk radio is dominated by conservatives- they are the ones in their cars going to work! That changes forever on Wednesday. I predict a massive turnout at Tax Day Tea Parties across the USA. And these demonstrations will really mean something- because the protestors are taking valuable time off from running their busy lives and businesses. It’s time for fiscal conservatives and Libertarians to take back our economy and country from those that want to damage business, destroy capitalism, and redistribute wealth. And the most important Tea Party rally in the country will be in Nevada- the state where our constitution bans income taxes. God Bless the great state of Nevada.”

For more information on Wayne Allyn Root or Nevada’s Tax Day Tea Party, please go to:

Or contact Wayne Root at ROOT for America’s Las Vegas, Nevada Headquarters at:
(888) 444-ROOT (7668).