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Welcome Tea Parties…Goodbye New York Times

By May 18, 2010No Comments
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Obama is the new Bush

Tea Party Tuesday: The Rebels & Peasants with Pitchforks are in Charge

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

The New York Times doesn’t get it. They just don’t understand the Tea Party movement, or why it’s popular. I call it V.E.T.O. – Vote Everyone of Them Out. Last week the Tea Party movement added yet another scalp to their trophy case when Republican U.S. Senator Bob Bennett of Utah became the first sitting Senator to be denied re-nomination in 70 years. Add in 15-term Democrat Congressman Mollohan of West Virginia for good measure- yet another D.C. establishment defeat. Today will be another edition of V.E.T.O. – a bloodbath for establishment politicians. And once again the NY Times won’t get it.

Days ago, I predicted that at least 2 of the 3 establishment U.S. Senate candidates would be defeated today- with a good shot at all 3. Rand Paul will win in a landslide over the hand-picked GOP establishment candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. Who would have believed it a year ago? Paul is a doctor with Tea Party views and no political background. His victory today will be the first true Tea Party victory in the U.S. Senate (Scott Brown afterall was a mirage from day one- a traditional moderate Republican who got Tea Party support, but wouldn’t understand a Tea Party if it hit him in the face).

Now reading the “tea leaves” indicates that incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter is a goner too. How do I know? Obama refused to campaign with him in the final days of his U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. So did his good buddy Vice President Joe Biden, who orchestrated Specters switch from GOP to Democrat. Biden actually spoke in Pennsylvania yesterday, but avoided Specter like the plague. This is a sign in politics that funeral plans are being made, while the body is still warm. So much for the bonds of friendship in politics. Friendship is as deep as your latest poll numbers. As the saying goes, “If you want a friend in D.C., get a dog.”

But the more telling incident of the day was the comment made by Democrat Governor Ed Rendell. When asked about Obama not campaigning for Specter, the loyal Democrat attack dog Rendell actually said out loud that Obama campaigning in Pennsylvania for Specter would have been a mixed bag anyway- because of Obama’s unpopularity among blue collar Democrats. Wow. Who would have believed that comment only 16 months ago when Obama was being inaugurated as the most popular President since JFK? In 16 months Obama has turned from hero to toxic waste. Talk about irony…the Tea Party movement is now seen as a savior by mainstream voters, while Obama is being avoided like the plague by his OWN candidates. Obama is the new Bush.

How the worm has turned. Perhaps there is yet hope for America. People get it. Rand Paul’s victory and Specter’s sure defeat make the score 2-0 against the establishment. Add in Bennett and Mollohan. 4-0. Add in Governor races in New Jersey and Virginia last fall. 6-0. Or if you’re scoring for Obama 0-6. That leaves Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. If she is forced into a June runoff in today’s primary, that is the equivalent of a political earthquake. But no matter- Lincoln is merely fighting it out for the right to be pummeled by the GOP Senate candidate in November.

Indeed. The worm has turned. The Tea Parties have become important in the political process. The rebels and peasants with the pitchforks are in charge. Obama is reviled. And the New York Times is clueless, powerless and irrelevant. What a difference 16 months makes in politics.