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What Happens to the Economy in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

By May 27, 2012No Comments
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By Wayne Allyn Root


The Obama apologists and mainstream media (sorry for repeating myself) claim the economy is improving and unemployment declining. Really? You mean like in Las Vegas? April’s numbers show joblessness fell in Nevada below 12% for the first time in 3 years. Hip Hip Hooray! Break out the champagne. Obama has pulled off a miracle. Right?


Well, not exactly. You see in Obama’s world, down is up, while misleading statistics and outright lies are “facts.” The truth is the shrinking unemployment number proves the job picture is getting worse, not better.


Let me explain. The only reason Obama can claim unemployment is shrinking is because people are leaving the workforce in droves. Here are the Las Vegas numbers- read ‘em and weep. The facts are that during the past 12 months 2000 Las Vegans found jobs, while 20,000 gave up looking for work. According to Obamanomics and his corrupt statisticians that means the unemployment rate went down. Does that make sense to you?


Under Obama, the worse things get, and the more desperate and discouraged people get, the more the unemployment rate improves…simply because they have given up on the idea of ever working for a living again.  But, of course, that is exactly his goal. In Obama’s world, more unemployed people needing government handouts means more Democrat voters.


As the facts in Las Vegas show, there is little or no job growth in America. Nothing. This supposed “good news” about unemployment is due to people giving up hope of finding a job. People in Nevada, and the rest of this country, are so discouraged they are dropping out of the workforce and no longer looking for a job.


“How are they surviving?” you might ask. Many are milking unemployment benefits until the last possible day, then switching to welfare, food stamps, and other government handouts. Some are 62 or older and stayed on unemployment just long enough to retire and seamlessly move on to Social Security after their jobless benefits are done.


Many are moving to the underground economy. They realize it just doesn’t pay to work a real 40-hour job for low wages and then pay an obscene portion of it in taxes to Uncle Sam. So, they are choosing to enter the cash economy where taxes are zero.


The worst news is that as their unemployment checks run out, many Americans are joining the disability rolls. Disability payments are at an all-time high, with almost 11 million Americans claiming to be too disabled to work. The shocking part is that almost 6 million of them joined the disability rolls in just the 3 short years since Obama became President.  Under Obama the disability rolls have increased far faster than the job rolls. Why haven’t we seen the national media report on that fact?


Newsweek just named Obama “The First Gay President.” Based on the numbers above, Newsweek should do a new cover story on “The Food Stamps and Disability President.”


Or better yet, how about an investigative report on “Gays under Obama: Married But Unemployed.”


Nancy Pelosi was right- under Obama economic growth is measured by unemployment benefits, welfare, disability and food stamps. Liberals count those as “growth,” simply because there’s not much other economic activity to count.


Back to Nevada’s statistics because they are eye-opening and show a pattern happening all across America. The Las Vegas labor force participation rate is down to 64.9%. That means only 64.9% of Adults actually working…35.1% are not working. Nationally it’s even worse- with only 63.6% of adults working, 36.4% are not. America is fast becoming…Greece.


The mainstream media and other Obama apologists should be ashamed of the fraudulent propaganda they are spreading about a shrinking unemployment rate. As the facts prove, it is only shrinking because more and more Americans no longer think it’s worth the effort to look for work. Why work when you can collect government benefits for 99 weeks of unemployment then start collecting welfare, food stamps, disability, or Social Security?


The brutal reality is that while he is using sham statistics to support his lies about creating jobs and reducing unemployment, Obama is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams in forcing millions of Americans to seek government support- thereby creating a dependent population he and his liberal cronies can manipulate.  It’s been said that liberalism is a disease. When it comes to Obama and the facts about job creation and unemployment, it is clearly a disease that leaves those afflicted blind, deaf, and dumb.


There is no “recovery.” There is only an unemployment, food stamp, and disability economy.


This is the brutal reality of the America we live in today. Once again, Las Vegas is the trend-setter that shows us the truth about pop culture. Unfortunately, what happens to the economy in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas. This nightmare is happening all over Obama’s America.



Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist and serial entrepreneur. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: