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Earlier this week, I received this email from the New York Times:

Hello Mr. Root,

I am a media reporter with The New York Times. My colleague and I are working on a story about false or misleading vaccine misinformation in the audio space…You have said on Facebook that the vaccine “doesn’t work” and is “a complete failure.” Do you have any comment?

I wanted to share my response to the New York Times…

Sure, I have a comment. Every word I say is based on science and facts.

The VAERS reporting system is the only present scientific way of measuring deaths and injuries from any vaccine – including the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s not my system. It’s not based on politics. It has nothing to do with conservative or liberal opinions. 

It is a science-based medical reporting system provided by the government and the CDC.

It is the only way of keeping track of the deaths, crippling injuries and adverse reactions from any vaccine. It has been used for many decades.

No one in the medical community, or media has EVER in history ignored, or disparaged the VAERS Report before. Until now.

Here are the VAERS numbers: Over 17,000 Americans are reported dead directly from this vaccine – mostly from strokes, heart attacks and blood clots. Over 800,000 are reported injured, many of them hospitalized (over 83,000); many with life-threatening illness (over 18,000); many others permanently disabled (over 26,000).

This information is all publicly available and provided by the CDC. This cannot be called “misleading” by anyone in the media. The very definition of “misleading” would be to either disparage VAERS, or ignore it, and not report it daily to your readers.

The amount of deaths and significant injuries reported at VAERS is now dramatically higher than all vaccines in the past 30+ years combined. This has happened in only ten months.

That’s a fact. Facts cannot be “misleading.”

Several times in America’s recent history, the medical community has suspended or cancelled a vaccine program over a small number of deaths. The first rule of medicine is “physician do no harm.” At any sign of harm, a vaccine should and must be questioned, and/or suspended.

Never before have we even imagined a vaccine with over 17,000 deaths and over 800,000 adverse reactions.

Yet, the official VAERS numbers have been blacked out from the mainstream media and social media – including your New York Times. Anytime something is not discussed, or debated, or disparaged as “misleading” because it is different than the official government narrative, I’d call that the very definition of “intolerance” at best, and tyranny at worst.

Even more facts and SCIENCE…

Studies are in from many countries, but in particular UK and Israel, report the vaccine…

A) Is in fact failing miserably- a huge majority of recent cases, hospitalizations and deaths are double vaxxed. FACT.

B) Cases are slightly higher in countries with higher vaccination rates, and slightly lower in countries with lower vaccination rates.

These are factual, credible, scientific studies from multiple countries.

So yes, I question this vaccine, and yes, I am seriously worried about the proven deaths and injuries directly from this vaccine in the short term (as seen on the VAERS reporting system), and I’m especially worried about the long-term effects of this vaccine.

If the NY Times believe anything I’ve said is “misleading,” then you clearly don’t understand the definition of SCIENCE. I’m quoting only government, CDC and scientific studies from multiple countries. 

More importantly, the very definition of “science” is asking questions and debate.

To not ask questions, especially in the face of so many Americans sick with Covid who are double vaxxed, and so many dead or injured directly from the vaccine as reported by VAERS, would make someone either naive, gullible, blind, deaf or very dumb.

I’m proud that my time at Columbia University taught me to think critically, ask questions, never accept as fact what any government agency, or any authority figure says, and always be a fearless debater.

By the way, I urge the New York Times to set up a debate on this topic. I’ll be thrilled to debate any “expert” about this particular Covid-19 vaccine and the facts reported by VAERS and studies around the world. Let’s do it.


Wayne Allyn Root

P.S. After I sent this response, it was reported 77.7% of Covid deaths in Illinois last week were vaccinated. It was also reported Ireland has a massive Covid outbreak, despite the country being 91% vaccinated. And an exhaustive year-long study in the UK was released proving vaccinated people are just as likely to spread Covid as the unvaccinated. 

The debate is over. The vaccine is a failure. The vaccine mandates must end now.