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What Just Happened in Las Vegas, Nevada Could Destroy the GOP

By June 11, 2015No Comments
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You know that famous saying, “Elections have consequences.” Well it’s not true. At least not when Republicans win elections. Republicans are the stupid party. Only Republicans could win a record-setting historic landslide and still allow liberals to control the agenda. It just happened in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. And trust me- it’s headed your way. You need to hear this story, study it and get ready to fight it before it happens in your state.

It’s already happening on the national level. Republican cowards in Congress are backstabbing their own voters- the same loyal base that handed them the biggest victory in modern American political history. Or have you noticed any progress in stopping or even slowing Obama’s agenda since that landslide? Have you seen Congress cutting any spending? Cutting even one tax? Starving the funding for Obamacare? An end to the border crisis? Any attempt by Congress to stop Obama’s amnesty for illegals?

Worse, have you read about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) mystery? Republicans are helping Obama pass major legislation that could kill millions of American jobs, yet they admit they’ve never read it. No one on Capital Hill has any idea what’s in it. The full details of TPP are kept in a special guarded room. Why? Something buried deep in the details must be very very very bad. If Obama supports it, it can’t promote free trade. It must support socialism, economy-killing climate change regulations and open borders. Yet the GOP is blindly helping Obama pass it. Great job boys!

So why did we win in a landslide? What was accomplished? Where are the “consequences” of “elections have consequences”? Only the GOP could win in a landslide and lose. This is the gang who can’t shoot straight. This is a team of half wits who never miss an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot.

But nothing happening in DC compares to the idiots running the Nevada GOP. They take the grand prize for “Stupidest Republicans in America.” Not just stupid, but traitors too. And liars. They committed fraud upon their own voters. You have to hear this story.

Like the rest of America, the Nevada the GOP enjoyed a landslide victory last November. We won EVERYTHING. Governor, Lt. Governor, all five constitutional offices, the State Senate and the State Assembly. This is the first time the GOP has controlled all of those offices since the 1920’s. The voters spoke loudly. They wanted smaller government, lower taxes and less spending. Not only that but a ballot referendum supporting a business margins tax on corporations was voted down by a 3 to 1 margin. THREE-TO-ONE. This was the anti-tax, anti-big government sweep of a lifetime. Historic. Revolutionary.

You’d think the party that WON would understand the message, right? WRONG.

So what did the Nevada GOP do with such a magnificent mandate? They rewarded the same conservative anti-tax voters who had just given them a mandate to hold down the size of government and taxes…with a proposal for the biggest tax increase in Nevada history. Yes, I said tax increase. And with the help of a Republican Senate and Republican Assembly, it passed last week. Our Nevada business taxes just grew by $1.5 billion. Worse, this isn’t an old-fashioned business tax on profits. This is a tax on revenue. So companies that breakeven or lose money now owe taxes. This is basically the same “margins tax” that lost 3 to 1 on the ballot only months ago. It lost in a landslide so Republican Governor Brian Sandoval decided to resurrect it and have Republicans own it and pass it.

Let’s make sure you get this straight. We elected Republicans in a historic landslide to control every office in Nevada…and voted down new taxes by a 3 to 1 margin…just so Republicans could turnaround and give us the biggest tax increase in history and dramatically expand the size of government.

Then in a sign of pure insanity or delusion, Republican legislators rubbed salt in the wound in the Nevada newspaper (the Review Journal). Republican leaders gloated over the massive record-setting tax increase they just passed. One of them proudly stated, “We proved Republicans can pass tax increases.” The Republican politicians of this state are without a doubt the stupidest Republicans in America. Let’s examine honestly and openly what they have done. Here are the 5 sins of the Nevada GOP. And trust me…they are coming to a state near you.


It’s not a crime to support higher taxes. There is a fair and honest debate. If you support raising taxes you have every right to your opinion. But you need to switch parties to the Democrat Party. You can’t call yourself a Republican and then oppose the main tenant of your own platform. That’s like opening up a Kosher restaurant that specializes in pork and shellfish. No one could be that dumb, could they? Look no further than Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada GOP leadership.

If you stand for raising my taxes, what makes you different than a Democrat? Who needs Republicans to pass the biggest tax increase in Nevada history? If we had elected Democrats they would have passed the exact same thing. Conservatives won in a landslide and got the liberal Democrat agenda. Something smells rotten in Vegas. More on that in a minute.

To deepen the mystery, GOP legislators are bragging about it. You’re so dumb you don’t even understand your own party’s platform? Or maybe like Nancy Pelosi, you had to pass the bill so you can read what’s in it? You are clearly either confused…delusional…in the wrong party…completely misunderstood the landslide that YOU won…or you’re frauds and conmen.


In business and politics, branding is everything. If people don’t understand or remember your brand, you’re out of business. The Democratic Party brand is “tax and spend” and increase the size of government. The GOP brand is lower taxes, less spending and reduce the size of government. These are facts. They are written in each party’s platform- their own personal constitution. What the Nevada GOP just did was suicide. You are morons. When you’re alone at night do you press sharp objects against your skin? Do you cut yourselves? Because you are clearly mentally ill. This is how you put yourself out of business. Your brand is lower taxes…you won with that brand in a landslide…so you decided to vote for the biggest tax increase in history?


Worse and even dumber, you betrayed the trust of your own base- your most loyal supporters. You’ve violated the most important rules of business:

First, the customer is always right. Second, if your customer is wrong, refer back to the first rule.

You just stabbed your own biggest supporters in the back. Name any business in America where any smart businessman screws his own base of most-loyal customers? This would be like a hip-hop urban radio station deciding to play country music for it’s urban audience that hates country music. Bizarre. Result? They’d be out of business within days…if their radio station wasn’t burned to the ground by angry mobs first. Lesson learned? Never bite the hand of your own customer. Only the smug establishment GOP could be this stupid.

Worst of all, Nevada’s GOP leaders are bragging about committing fraud. If they wanted to pass the largest tax increase in history, why didn’t they campaign on that idea? Why didn’t they say “I am proud to be running as a Republican to raise your taxes. I promise to pass the biggest tax increase in Nevada history.” But instead they lied and misrepresented their agenda. Why? Because they could never have been electing telling the truth. Isn’t that the definition of fraud? Of bait and switch? They lied to their own customers about their own product and what it does.

Here’s the big question. Who paid them? Because this sure smells bad. It smells like mafia-controlled garbage contractors. It smells like dead fish. Has someone been promised millions in a Swiss bank account…or million dollar lobbyist jobs…or million dollar corporate jobs? That would explain why Nevada Republican leaders are so smug…so giddy…at the idea they’ve just lied to and backstabbed their own voters. Instead of hiding, or being humble in victory, or even pretending they didn’t do what they did…they are publicly doing backflips and high fives. Someone is clearly celebrating because they won the lottery. Someone who voted “YES” against every principle of conservatism is headed to a safety deposit box to count their newfound riches. Just an educated guess.


Nevada is next door to California. The People’s Republic of California now has the highest taxes in the nation. Rich people, middle class people and small business owners are leaving in droves. Wait it gets worse- California is so dumb they just voted to give Medicaid to illegal immigrants. California is both insane and about to go bankrupt. They owe over $200 billion in debt. Within 5 years the state will be unable to pay bills. They will need a federal bailout. Everyone with high income, assets or common sense is making plans to leave.

Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to showcase Nevada as the perfect alternative? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to showcase us as the lowest tax state in the nation? As the state that protects taxpayers and business owners? Who would be dumb enough to ruin that brand, at this perfect moment in time to capture most of the tax refugees living right next door? The answer to who could be that dumb…is Nevada’s Republican Governor Brian Sandoval and all the Republicans in the legislature who stabbed their own supporters in the back.

Don’t elections have consequences? Aren’t the winners supposed to reward their supporters? Aren’t the winners supposed to impose their agenda? What did Republican voters get? They got screwed by their own party. The dumbest Republicans in America reside in Nevada- and they just committed fraud. They lied to the voters about what they believed in, their agenda, what they’d do once elected. Bernie Madoff has nothing on the Republican Governor and GOP leadership of Nevada.

As for the sins you’ve committed- dramatically increasing spending, taxes and the size of government- you will all pay a big price in the next election. I promise you.