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What Mitt Romney Should Have Said

By November 7, 2012No Comments
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Published at on 11/7/12


By Wayne Allyn Root


Mitt Romney is a nice guy. A gentleman. But in politics, nice guys often finish last.


To win the election, and beat a sitting President, Mitt needed to do more than nicely debate Obama. He needed to indict Obama. 


Here is the speech that Mitt should have given.


“Let me start by stressing that President Obama may be a nice man. He may be a good husband and father. He may love this country. He may think he is doing what is right. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nice or not, Barack Obama believes government has the answer to every problem. He believes in punishment of the successful. He believes in income redistribution. He believes in massive spending and debt. He believes in so many rules, regulations, and mandates, that no one can open a lemonade stand anymore without permission from government.


Those beliefs destroy economies and kill jobs everywhere they’ve ever been tried. The U.S. economy under Obama is in crisis and free fall. You don’t need to look far to prove Obama’s policies are dangerous and deadly. Europe has been following Obama’s plan for decades- big government, big unions, big spending, big taxes, big entitlements, big pensions, free healthcare, too many government employees, and unlimited spending on green energy and high speed rail. The result? Economic disaster on a grand scale. Greece, Italy, and Spain are enduring a tragedy few can comprehend. France is next. Someday we will read about this in history books.


America, under Barack Obama, is following the exact same path.


This is the state of the U.S. economy under Obama. Judge for yourselves:

*As of Election Day, unemployment is officially listed at 7.9%, the highest for any incumbent since FDR.


*More importantly, the REAL unemployment rate (including the under-employed and those who have given up looking)…is in the range of 15%…Higher than in most years of the Great Depression.


*Unemployment in the black community is 14.3%.


*Unemployment and under-employment for college graduates is a staggering 53%.


*The Labor Force Participation Rate among men is the lowest since 1948.


*Food stamp growth is 75% greater than job growth under Obama. 46 million Americans are now on food stamps.


*The record 11 million Americans on disability is larger than the population of a majority of U.S. states.


*Over 100 million Americans get entitlement checks.


*One sixth of all personal income in the USA is now provided by government.


*The housing collapse is now deeper than at the peak of the Great Depression.


*The net worth of the average American is down 40%.


*New business startups are at the lowest level in 30 years.


*The U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for first time in history.



We are experiencing UNIMAGINABLE economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast.

None of this is a coincidence. 


With 60,000 new rules, regulations, and mandates in only 3 years, President Obama has turned the entire U.S. Economy into a “Hostile Work Environment.”


With Obama demonizing the wealthy and taunting entrepreneurs and financial risk-takers with “You didn’t build that”…


With the EPA attempting to put the coal industry completely out of business…


With thousands of new IRS agents hired to harass & intimidate business owners…


With massive new tax increases looming…


With 3000 pages of Obamacare containing 23 new taxes…


With 2000 pages of Dodd Frank making it much harder for banks to loan, or for businessmen to raise money…


With $115 TRILLION in debt and unfunded liabilities at the federal level…


With states, counties, and cities even more broke and insolvent than the federal government (the debt in Cook County, Illinois is now an unimaginable $108 billion)…


You have to question if this is incompetence, or a purposeful plan to overwhelm the system with debt and entitlements, to collapse the U.S. economy and weaken faith in capitalism…to turn America into a European social state.

President Obama tells us that he “saved” the auto industry. It’s his one and only accomplishment- so he repeats it one hundred times a day. The reality is that he merely stole $25 billion from you and me (the taxpayers) to protect the pensions of auto union members, who contributed tens of millions to his election. Now your children owe that $25 billion, plus interest- and you don’t even get a car! But Obama allowed private sector autoworkers to lose their pensions (because they didn’t contribute to him), while closing only auto dealerships owned by Republican contributors. This is all immoral, if not criminal.


Ladies and gentleman, we have to change direction, before we have no country left to defend…before we have no economy left to rebuild…before unions strangle the life out of the private sector… before taxpayers are sucked dry to pay for a food stamp and unemployment benefits economy…before “free” healthcare adds trillions in debt to our children’s burden…before Obama’s extreme views on energy leave us all dependent on nations that hate America and support terrorism…before Obama uses Executive Orders to render Congress and the Constitution meaningless.


Before every terrorist attack is given a politically correct name…before more victims are blamed when Islamic radicals slaughter them over a cartoon, book, or film…before every Bible is permanently removed from our military bases and hospitals…before all religious celebrations, except Ramadan, are permanently removed from our White House…or before 6 million Israelis are wiped out in a second holocaust due to a foreign policy of apology, appeasement, and indifference.


This is our last stand. For capitalism. For small business. For the American Dream. For our Judeo-Christian values. For our small businesses. For our children and grandchildren’s future. For the survival of the American Dream. And yes, for our guns and Bibles.


When you walk into that polling place to vote, remember that Osama bin Laden is dead…and so is a United States border agent who died in the Fast and Furious scandal…and so is our Ambassador and three heroes abandoned and left to die at our Libyan embassy…and so is the U.S. economy.

Remember that even at this moment…as broke as America is… Obama is giving $450 million of your taxpayer money to the radical Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.


Remember Obama denigrates those that cling to old fashioned ideas- God, country, faith, family, capitalism, and our American exceptionalism.


Remember Obama presided over a Democratic convention that booed God. Three times. 


Forgive, but never forget.


Now, let’s go out and reclaim our country. God Bless America.”


That was the speech Mitt should have given.


The American people needed to hear the raw, unvarnished truth- without sugar-coating.


The key to getting elected wasn’t to debate Obama. It was to indict Obama.


Being “nice” and refusing to offend anyone just re-elected Obama. It may end the country we all know and love.


Well I’m not Mitt. I’m not waving any white flags. I’m a Tea Party conservative. I’m going to fight hard and aggressively. And I’m going to help take back our country. This battle has only just begun.




Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, entrepreneur, and Tea Party Libertarian Republican. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee. He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: