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By Wayne Allyn Root

Have you seen the latest polls? Trump is killing it!

Trump is beating Biden for the first time all year in the Quinnipiac University poll. Quinnipiac over-samples Democrats and polls “registered voters” instead of “likely voters.” So, all their polls are tilted against Trump.

And still… he’s beating Biden. 

In credible polls of “likely voters”, Trump is beating Biden badly (which translates to an electoral landslide). Trump is even beating Biden among minority males. And he’s beating Biden on all the key issues – economy, immigration, and war.

Which is why Democrats are in full-on panic mode. They now understand they have to kick Biden to the curb. Standing in the on-deck circle is Gavin Newsom and (they hope and pray) Michelle Obama.

But this column is not about Trump crushing Biden. This column is about the also-rans who think they’re running against Trump in the GOP primary. “Think” being the key word. In reality, they’re running for VP… or for bigger book deals and speaking fees… or they’re running to represent the RINOS, DC Swamp, or the Deep State.

Ron DeSantis started out on fire. Everyone loved the job he did as Florida’s Governor. Everyone (but me) thought he’d beat the pants off Trump. But as they say at the border, “No way, Jose.” It turns out, the more the voters get to know DeSantis, the lower his poll numbers go.

Quinnipiac says Trump leads the GOP primary 64% to 16% over DeSantis. That’s almost 50 points for all of you who attended public schools. Nikki Haley has 9% in the same poll. Trump is beating her by 55 points.

By the way, in Texas, DeSantis is now in single digits, and he’s fallen to third place. Quick, call 9-1-1, DeSantis has fallen, and he can’t get up.

DeSantis and Nikki are getting pummeled. Trump’s beating their brains out.

I know what Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley are both missing that Trump has in abundance (besides personality and charisma)…

DeSantis and Nikki both desperately need to be indicted. 

C’mon New York, or Georgia, or Jack Smith. Someone must want to indict DeSantis and Nikki? You can almost hear DeSantis pleading with prosecutors, “What about me? Doesn’t anyone want to indict me? I’m bad too!”

Here’s the thing. You only get indicted by Democrats if they’re scared of you… if you’re a legitimate threat to their power… if they think you might beat them and upset the apple cart… if they fear after you win, you have the balls to indict them and all their Deep State business partners.

Not to mention their other partners in crime – China, the Mexican Drug Cartels, and the biggest criminal cartel of all – Big Pharma.

But if you’re not a serious threat… if they don’t fear you… if you’re invisible to them… if they don’t think you have the balls to indict them… they won’t indict you.

That’s why they only go after Donald J. Trump. He’s the only one they fear. He’s the only one who could beat them and upset their treasonous plans. And he’s the only one who they can’t bribe. Trump doesn’t need their money.

Here’s the two important lessons for the day…

First, ever since Trump was indicted the first time in NYC, no one else in the GOP primary ever stood a chance. The GOP base all understood from that moment on that Democrats, corrupt DC Swamp criminals, and Deep State traitors (I know, I repeat myself) clearly feared one man and only one man – Trump.

And that made virtually every patriot, conservative and Christian support one man and only one man – Trump.

What DeSantis and Nikki backers fail to understand is… Trump isn’t under indictment because he’s done something wrong. He’s only under indictment because he scares Democrats and the Deep State. If DeSantis or Nikki were a threat, they’d be facing the same indictments as Trump.

The second lesson is simple. Let’s say Trump is disqualified and/or then winds up in prison for life. Then DeSantis and Nikki will think they won, they were the smart ones, they “saved” us. But they won’t save anyone but themselves.

Destroying Trump’s life was a warning to intimidate every future GOP candidate. If Trump were replaced by DeSantis or Nikki… they would be too intimidated to ever oppose the DC Swamp and Deep State. Do you think they’d risk being impeached multiple times; being hunted like animals for four years; going broke with tens of millions of dollars in legal fees; or going to prison for the rest of their lives?

Trust me, they’ll do whatever the Deep State wants. Because the Deep State persecution of Trump is a warning – no one is safe. They can, and will, destroy anyone who opposes their agenda.

If we allow Democrats and the Deep State to imprison, or disqualify Trump… America is finished. Because Democrats will have dictated who we are allowed to vote for. Our voters will be nullified.

No one will ever question rigged elections again. No one will question the lies and propaganda of the government. No one will question the open border. Or climate change lockdowns. Or vaccine mandates.

After they’ve made an example of Trump, no one will dare cross the Deep State. Because no one will want to wind up crucified like Trump.

No one else will risk their life for us. No one else will risk their freedom for us. No one else will ever represent the little guy and gal ever again. That’s why DeSantis and Nikki aren’t getting indicted.

That’s why for me, and 80 million other patriots, there is only one choice – Trump.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest book is out, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book. Wayne is the host of two TV shows, on Real America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He is also the host of the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, daily from 6 PM to 9 PM EST. Visit for more information.