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By Wayne Allyn Root

After watching that dreadful debate performance by Joe Biden, the media instantly…within seconds…all read from the same script. It’s as if they knew exactly what would happen, and were ready, waiting to pounce, and all prepared with the same storyline.

The entire liberal media- the same ones that covered up for Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical health for four long years- suddenly all came to the exact same conclusion:

“Joe’s gotta go!”

How’d that happen? I’ll tell you how. It was scripted and choreographed. Everyone knew about Biden’s failing condition long before the debate. It was the worst kept secret in DC. I’m no “DC insider.” So, how did I know?

Here was a paragraph from one of my commentaries a month ago…

“Democrats need to make a change. Pronto. That’s precisely why they scheduled a debate for June 27th. That debate is the end of Biden. After this debate, with the whole nation watching decrepit Joe, it will be clear to everyone that Biden has to step down. A new presidential nominee will be chosen at the DNC convention in August.”

My crystal ball was “on the money” again.

Now the whole mainstream media and DC political class has finally woken up to what I’ve been predicting and warning about for two years. Welcome to “Wayne’s World.”

Suddenly they’re all talking about replacing Biden, and who should be the new Democrat presidential nominee. But as usual, this is just another in a never-ending series of WMDs: “Weapons of Mass Distraction.”

Because they’re all leading you to ask the wrong questions.

Here are the questions you should be asking after watching Joe’s dreadful debate…

First and foremost, “Who is running the country?”

That’s the question of the century. We now know it isn’t Joe Biden. It was never Joe. So, who is minding the store? Who has run the country for the past four years? Who is running the country right now? Who is making life and death decisions that affect the lives of every American?

Who is running our economy? Who is protecting our Homeland? Who is commanding our military? Who makes decisions about WW3? What if Russia or China attack tomorrow? Who is in charge?

Who has their finger on the nuclear button? Who will respond to a terrorist attack?

Who made the decision to leave our border wide open, and welcome in tens of millions of illegal alien foreign invaders? Who benefits from that decision?

Who decided to persecute Trump and rig trials against him?

Who made the decision to use the DOJ and FBI to persecute the J6ers and torture them in prison?

Who made the decision to force-vaccinate every employee in America through the OSHA mandate? Has Big Pharma bribed the whole government? Does Big Pharma run the FDA and CDC?

And if my prediction has been right from day one…and it’s always been Barack Obama giving the orders, making the decisions, and running the country as the de facto President of the United States…

We have an unelected, unconstitutional, “Manchurian Candidate” running America.

Secondly, we need to be asking, “Who is Obama’s boss?”

Who gives the orders to Obama? Is China running our country? Is George Soros running our country? Has our country been sold out to our enemies? Is the Mexican Drug Cartel in charge of our border policies?

Because all of that is TREASON.

Finally, one last crucial question…

“Who are the traitors who lied, scammed, and covered up Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical condition for 4 years?”

Where was Jill Biden? Where was Kamala? Where was the White House staff? Where were Biden administration officials? Where were Democrat Senators and Congressmen? Where was the White House doctor?

They all participated in the biggest scam in world history. 

Democrats made believe Joe Biden was healthy, active, and mentally sharp, so they could keep stealing all the taxpayer money and government contracts they could get their hands on. They have bled our country dry, and welcomed in tens of millions of illegal foreign invaders- all in the name of getting filthy rich and retaining power.

But they all took an Oath of Office to serve our country, our Constitution, and the American people. And they clearly violated that oath. They should all be indicted for TREASON.

They “aided and abetted” a Constitutional crime by not coming forward with the truth about Biden’s deteriorating mental condition. They all knew for years that the 25th Amendment should have been enacted.

There are many questions to be answered. But the questions about Biden’s future, or Biden’s replacement are the least of our worries. The question that really matters is…

Who is running our country?

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