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By Wayne Allyn Root

I’m proud to be a Jewish American. I’m 100% Jewish. I have two Jewish parents, four Jewish grandparents who escaped Nazi Germany and Russia. A DNA test that says my DNA is 99% Eastern European Jew. Many of my relatives escaped the Holocaust. Could I be any more Jewish? So, I take all references to Hitler and Nazis very seriously.


But there are thugs in government today who DO remind me of Nazis. 

Here is my definition of how Nazis or Gestapo would actually act…

What do you call someone who weaponizes government to intimidate and arrest the citizens? I call them Nazis.

What do you call someone who asks the FBI to arrest and indict PTA parents for opposing government brainwashing? Nazis.

What do you call someone who brands religious Catholics as “domestic terrorists?” Nazis.

What do you call someone who wants to arrest peaceful Pro-Life demonstrators outside abortion clinics? Nazis.

What do you call someone who orders FBI SWAT teams to raid homes of salt-of-the-earth Americans (many of them veterans) who peacefully protested on January 6th…and then tortures them in prison…while denying them basic human and civil rights? Nazis.

What do you call someone who indicts the leading presidential candidate (President Trump) again and again, in the runup to the presidential election? Nazis.

What do you call someone who orders social media to censor and ban anyone disagreeing or criticizing government propaganda? Nazis.

What do you call someone that hands out millions of dollars to police, mental health networks, universities and churches to identify opponents of the government and snitch on them? Nazis.

What do you call someone who demonizes and dehumanizes one segment of the population (the unvaccinated) and tries to ban them from going to restaurants, bars, gyms and sports events? Nazis. 

What do you someone who carries out evil medical experiments by vaccinating millions against their will with an experimental vaccine? Nazis.

What do you call someone who orders you to show your papers (vaccine passports) to enter restaurants, bars, retail stores and gyms. I call them not just Nazis, but Gestapo.

What do you call someone who builds a climate change army of brainwashed youth? Nazis.


P.S. This sure sounds a lot like “Hitler Youth.”

What do you call someone who is building a Big Brother army of 87,000 new IRS agents to act as enforcers and destroy the lives of your political opponents? Nazis.

What do you call someone who believes in pandemic lockdowns, climate change lockdowns and 15-minute cities? Nazis.

What do you call someone who orders and oversees all of this as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States? Attorney General Merrick Garland is acting like a modern-day Heinrich Muller- the Nazi chief of the Gestapo.


Again, I’m a Jew. I don’t take words like this lightly. 

Now look at the hearings in front of Congress last week. What a coincidence. There was AG Merrick Garland- the man who oversees the weaponized government…brands his political opposition “domestic terrorists”… and targets for arrest PTA parents, Catholics, conservatives, peaceful protestors, and even President Trump. And Garland just happened…out of the blue…to defend himself by bringing up the Holocaust.


THE HOLOCAUST? Why would he happen to bring that up?

I’ll tell you why. Because Saul Alinsky taught communists to look in the mirror and always blame the other guy for what you see. When Merrick Garland looks in the mirror, he must see echoes of the Gestapo, the KGB, the East German Stasi, and the secret police of communist tyrants and thugs the world over.


They all played by these same rules.

Garland knows exactly what he’s doing. He is evil personified. And yes, like me, he is of Jewish heritage. He makes me sick to my stomach. He hides behind his Jewish background and his grandparents’ escape from the Holocaust, to justify the terrible crimes he is committing in the name of Big Brother control and the communist takeover of this country.


He didn’t bring up the Holocaust by mistake, or coincidence. 

Every single thing Merrick Garland does is a copy of what Nazis, and the Gestapo, and the KGB, and other Marxist thugs the world over have done to their own citizens.

No, I’m not comparing what’s happening today to the Holocaust. Nothing compares to the Holocaust.


But I didn’t bring up the Holocaust. Merrick Garland did. 

I am comparing what’s happening today (demonization, censorship, arrests, FBI raids)…what Merrick Garland is doing to innocent Americans who happen to oppose his evil agenda…to 1930’s Nazi Germany. That was before the Holocaust. But it led directly to the eventual murder of millions of innocent people.

Merrick Garland just “showed his hand.” The fact that he chose to bring up the Holocaust to justify the evil he’s done gives it all away. In poker we call this a “tell.”

This is always how it starts. America is clearly under communist attack. Garland is a communist thug. We need courageous men and women to stand up to this bully. Because if he gets away with any of this, it will lead to the unimaginable. It always does.

It’s clear what Merrick Garland has been promised as a reward for destroying the lives of conservatives, PTA moms and Catholics: a seat on the Supreme Court (if Democrats win in 2024). Can you even imagine what damage he’ll do to America from that position of power?

Republicans in Congress who are afraid of telling the truth about Merrick Garland and his Gestapo-like tactics are either cowards, useful idiots, bribed, playing for the other team, or blind, deaf and really dumb.

It’s time to stand up to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Before it’s too late.