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By Wayne Allyn Root

We have this never-ending debate in America and especially in Washington DC about what works – left or right, liberalism or conservatism, capitalism or socialism.


Well, there’s no need to debate anymore. The answer is in. We won!

Yes, the debate is over. The stats are in from a hundred directions. “The Great American Divorce” I’ve predicted for almost 20 years is happening. And the more Democrats talk, the more Americans choose to run for their lives.

Almost everyone is leaving with daddy! Because mommy is a vicious, overbearing, liberal, Democrat control freak.

Americans are voting with their feet. And the winner is… RED STATE AMERICA. Americans are moving by the millions away from high-tax, high-regulation blue states. And moving to low-tax, light-regulation red states. Or in some cases, like my state of Nevada, although it’s a purple state, they’re moving here because the taxes are zero.

Check the stats. There is no way to “massage” the numbers. The red states, low-tax states and zero-tax states are winning. High tax blue states are losing all their citizens. Not just any citizens. The ones with income, assets and businesses. In other words, this divorce is all about money.


And anyone with money wants to run away from blue states and liberal Democrat policies.

The big winners in this “Great National Divorce” are red states like Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Utah and Arizona… as well as zero tax Nevada.

The big losers are California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and every other blue state. If liberalism works so great, why do their citizens want out? Because if liberal ideas and policies worked, they would stay, right? Or they’d move from one blue state to another.

But no one is leaving New York for blue state New Jersey. No one is leaving New York for blue state California. No one is leaving anywhere for Chicago. Why?

Because liberal Democrat ideas are a failure. Americans (at least the smarter ones) want personal and economic freedom. They want lower taxes. They want less government regulation. They want no masks… no lockdowns… no vaccine mandates. No one wants to live in a Nanny State.

The only residents California or New York gains are illegal aliens, homeless people, drug addicts and lazy welfare bums looking for a bigger government check.

Take Las Vegas, Nevada, my adopted hometown for 21 years now. I ran away from California in 2002. It was the best decision of my life. I’ve saved at least a million dollars in taxes since then. Can you imagine how much of a better life a million dollars can buy? It pays for a nicer home, nicer cars, better lifestyle, more vacations, and a few college educations thrown in. Thank God for zero tax Nevada.

But it’s much more than income tax. Here in Nevada, we have zero corporate tax, zero capital gains tax, zero inheritance tax, and most importantly, among the lowest property taxes in America.

We also have a brand-new Republican Governor (Joe Lombardo). Which means none of this will change for at least another four years, and quite possibly the next eight years.

But it’s much more than that. It’s about freedom. One of the first acts by our new Republican Governor was declaring that no child in the state of Nevada will be forced to take the Covid vaccine to attend school. Bravo!

But here’s the really big advantage of living in Nevada. No state income taxes mean no state IRS tax agency. Meaning in 21 years of living here, not one person from the state government has ever contacted me. No calls, no emails, no mail. I’ve never heard from a single government employee ever, about anything.


That’s called FREEDOM. 

Yes, Nevada had mask mandates under our old Democrat tyrant Governor. But they were rarely enforced. For all intents and purposes, I never wore masks. Maybe for 5 minutes a month – just for seconds, to walk in a store or restaurant. Then I immediately took it off. No one ever said one word to me. No person, no store owner, no security guard, no cop.

People are allowed to live and let live here. We can make personal decisions. We have brains. We have free will. And even when Nevada’s Democrats pass a dumb law, no one enforces it. This isn’t a Nanny State like California or New York.

The result? The whole California is moving here (or at least it feels like it). Count license plates in parking lots, or in driveways, or at casinos. Every other plate says California.

But it’s not just people moving to Nevada, and more specifically Las Vegas. Even California’s sports teams are moving here. First the Oakland Raiders abandoned California for Las Vegas. Now the Oakland A’s major league baseball team is moving to Las Vegas. What’s next? Maybe the Oakland City Hall will relocate here!

Every day a new high-profile restaurant, retailer, or entertainment complex announces they’re opening their flagship location here. These are major businesses spending $20 to $50 million dollars each to open in Vegas.

And why here? Not just because the taxes are zero. Because any business can get zoning and other construction approvals quickly. In blue states it takes years and millions of dollars. Here it’s fast and inexpensive.

Everyone has chosen. The winner is red states, low taxes, low regulation, smaller government, more freedom, and no masks or vaccines. Liberal Democrat ideas and policies have failed. No one wants them.

“The Great American Divorce” is not only happening – the more Democrats talk, the bigger it grows.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest book is out, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” Wayne hosts two TV shows – on Real America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He also hosts the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, weeknights from 6 PM – 9 PM ET. Visit for more information.